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Enslaved by Mark Angelo

Enslaved by Mark Angelo

Friday, July 31, 2015

Jose Canseco's New Obsession: Support Or Just An Excuse To Crossdress?

Lies, They Need To STOP

How Much More Lies Can They Spread

There now appears to be another blogger who has chosen to target Mark and I and has gone ahead and published a two part...

Posted by Lynna Arielle Cummings on Friday, July 31, 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Who Can You Trust?

As of late it has become extremely hard to know who are friends or foes actually are. Ever since we have been on this Truth Campaign the many emails to include positive as well as negative have been flooding my in box. One of the things I have noticed is that every group wants to control what we say and how we say it. So much so that one of the parents of a gender critical teen created a false identity on you tube to engage with Lynna and I negatively. She since has removed the channel after I investigated and found out who she was. Here are the screen grabs that I wanted to share. Let it be know we will not tolerate deceit and you will be exposed. I will not expose her true name because she has a teen that she is dealing with and I know how hard it must be.

What hurts me is that I trusted this person and spend much time interacting on line with her. I hope her pain lessens and hope that her child sees the light.

Please realize that we are all different and have different techniques on how we bring forth a message, yours is not to judge us. If you can't be by our side, then please get out of our way.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why Believe The Liars?

Andrea James as well as many autogynephellic men are in constant need of twisting truth to get their point and agenda across. Why would anyone believe these chronic liars as they use the faces of innocence to get their message acrosss. Andrea paved the way for facial reconstruction on men to look like women, he was arrested for posting stolen pictures of Dr. Michael Bailey's 9 year old daughter with obscene captions and claimed the girl deserved it.

Having been the target of these self serving individuals via threats, foul language and lies, I can't understand how they would even have any clout when they speak or write. Everything based around them is filled with vitriol, hate and lies.  The latest attempt to transition children is the claim that reparative therapy led to the death of Leelah Alcorn when in fact, what led to his suicide was the pressure from these Trans gestapos pushing their trans agenda all over the map. There straw man arguments are not only ludicrous but filled with gaps.

These individuals tactics includes digging information, downloading pictures placing captions full of lies and offensive wording all to try to discredit the truth being spread. Sending death threats and vulgar language use to try to intimidate the person is just one of the many tactics these violent men use. All techniques that not only show the lack of professionalism in their approach, but showing how really messed up they truly are, and if anyone is to be charged with phobic behavior, is them.

These Trans activists need to be stopped dead on their tracks, and no longer allowed to intimidate those that do not agree with their trans narratives and lies.

Andrea who are these experts you claim deem reparative therapy unethical? Possibly those pushing drugs and procedures? There is a trans mafia on the horizon, pushing and brain washing the population to believe these autogynephilles and their lies.

Just like a political campaign is filled with dirty laundry and thought out demeaning lies, these men will stop at nothing to push their Trans agenda and will destroy or attempt to, anyone that gets in their way. I say let us stand up against these individuals and stop these needless transing of our children.

On A Creepier Note

Can someone tell me what is the fascination with rabbits and trans females are all about? I have found these disturbing pictures on the pages of several trans women, and can't help but correlate sexual fetishes and mental disturbance with them.

These pictures were found on Rachael Michele Hilgerts FB page

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Fall And Climb/The Mark & Lynna Story

Finding Self

I believe as humans, we are always growing and changing, those that do not are in a perpetual state of nothingness. Whenever we believe we are done growing somehow we are saying that we have lost our drive to change and grow.

One of the reasons I denounced being transgender was the confusion and lack of construct in the word and community. Therefore I had to recreate and find my true self. In that search I found that I cannot and will never be placed in any type of box, including a gender box, Why? Because I am more than a couple of words slapped together by someone who thinks they know me. I am bigger than the word transgender, or Cis female, or Trans man. I cannot be explained nor be understood therefore, I am that I am, and forever will be changing and growing.

I hope to help end this fight we see amongst all the different groups and political agendas that divide us all and keep us fighting with one another. If we could just learn to respect and understand each others pain, and go a step further as to support one another, I believe we would solve the many problems we are faced with.

Now I still hold true many of my core beliefs, such as a man can not be a woman, nor can a woman be a man. We can easily express our selves and lead our lives in ways that finds us happiness, but when we create a political fight against others to prove we are something we are not, that is when the danger begins. Let us educate one another, let us understand while using a gentler approach to the matter.

In the mean time, I am still reinventing myself and I am so ever excited for what the future holds. I am a unicorn, I am a hybrid, and what I am cannot be boxed or bottled.