Monday, October 23, 2017

Forced Sexuality And Trans Acceptance

Okay, I believe that it is important to allow society to express their views on certain topics and they should have the right to accept or decline certain views, lifestyles, and identities. Although no one should be cruel, hateful, or harmful to anyone, the more a group pushes and forces others to accept them, the more push back and decline they are going to receive.

It is one thing to want to express on the outside on how you feel on the inside, however, it's another to force everyone to validate your identity and expect others to see you as the gender you feel and wish to be. I am guilty of this, for I too wanted to force everyone to see me as the "man" I thought I was, clearly 15 years later and attempting to live the lie, today I can strongly say, that I was misled by a narrative that is false and dangerous. I am a woman, have always been and will always be. I find it quite amusing that most trans individuals really fall for the lie and think they are the gender they transition to. This is where I find a massive problem with, that the trans narrative and the professionals that work with these individuals tell them a lie, and are being deceitful about the whole process. No man can ever be a woman, nor a woman a man, that is just biologically impossible, and frankly very irresponsible to tell someone they can.

Take a look at this video, the trans advocates made quite the fuss regarding the normal reaction to be had when someone gets deceived by a man, pretending to be a woman. Mind you there was no violence involved, and violence should never be condoned, by a normal visceral reaction cannot be contained. For those of you who watched The Crying Game, in the movie when the character of the film finds out that the "woman" he fell for was actually a man, he basically had the same reaction you will see on this video.

I wanted to add, I have been having a discussion on one of a well-known porn star who is a transman called Buck Angel. On his page, he showed discontent when one of his co-workers in the business, Jenna Jameson, was not too happy with the latest Playboy front cover person and had a few things to say about it. I chimed in and expressed my opinion that people are entitled to not accept the trans narrative, and as much as trans people want acceptance and compassion, they need to learn to give it back in return.  Needless to say, I was not very popular with the trans crowd and they, of course, had a few things to say to me. I went digging and found exactly what I have been saying regarding the reason most people transition, in one of a particular trans person's FB page, who claims transition has saved their life and they are better off for it today. I claim BS, that no one is better off, and the only reason they do what they do is to run away from the shame they lived before. Usually the person identifies as a lesbian before transition, although they do not admit it, and the need for power is very evident in trans "men", trans women transition for validation, to run away from the responsibility of being a man, they do a Houdini, an escape act, and many well, in my opinion, see this as one big game and fetishistic behavior.  Although, lots of trans people are dealing with childhood traumas, to include, lack of acceptance for how they present, their personality basically, and since now this has become a thing, well people are being forced into a reparative or corrective therapy in the worse way. Gay is not acceptable for many families especially in the religious sector, so "changing" gender becomes the thing to do.

I don't care how many of them tell me I am wrong, the patterns are so evident and as much as they think that their story is different, there is basically a few patterns of the same behavior. Sexual molestation, trauma during childhood, a very effeminate man, or a very butchy female,  they see the transition as the greatest tool for escape, an alter ego is developed and the rest is history.  After years of transition, the person starts to hear their inner voice that whispers, imposter, and the battle begins. We are going to see massive regrets taking place and I hope the WPATH has a plan to deal with it all, and the numbers of lawsuits that will be rolling in will be colossal.

Anyways, I long for the day, that we can freely express our personalities without saying we are born wrong. I wish to see empowered masculine females unlike what I did, be proud of who they are and have society accept that there are many types of females. I pray that men who are sensitive and outside of the masculine box, learn to feel free to express themselves without thinking they should be a woman. This makes more sense to me than to lead the wounded to slaughter with this crazy and I mean crazy trans agenda.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

In A Nut Shell

Transgender Ideology is a very faulty ideology.  In actual fact, there is nothing wrong with one's gender, body, and most of all one's sex. The person claiming gender dysphoria is just a neurologically impaired individual with lots of childhood traumas, low self-esteem, and in the case of an MTF, their male characteristic brain sex is usually very much on target as seen in their typical behavior. Their inability to have compassion for others, a narcissistic personality, visuals ruling their brain, of what they think a female should look like, they miss the actual actions and behaviors of the female species. And yes I know not all females are alike, but there are certain characteristics that should be noted, to be female is beyond wardrobe and makeup, and trans women are missing the boat on this one. They are all about the looks, the makeup, the wigs, the clothing, they can't even be what they perceive as being a woman without actually putting on their getup.
It is as if another person comes to life, the alter ego that they develop takes a life of its own, but it is not a complete person, it lacks integrity, reasoning, and knowledge, it is as if one is getting a child without any life experience what so ever. If we take a closer look at trans people, we will see a very constant behavior across the board, escapism. These individuals are trying to escape a reality and create a fantasy, but a fantasy that cannot be totally fulfilled, because it is missing many parts, and it is shallow at best. Hence why they never find happiness, no matter what they do, they are always searching, feeling empty, alone, and lost, they are never satisfied with one single thing in life, and if they are a man wanting to be a woman which a person with a male brain cannot ever achieve, their constant search for more and the need for drama is on the top of their list, their misogynistic behavior gets in the way of even coming close to it.
Here is Thursday nights show where we discuss many of these issues:

Made By Nature?

The problem many of us face in this world is the lack of self-love and a super dose of low self-esteem. This is no surprise, nor is it a coincidence by any stretch of the word, it is all by design.  You see there are people responsible for creating a humanity that is "defected" and struggling to fit in. How many of you have heard of  Baphomet? Baphomet a term originally used to describe an idol or other deities that the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping and that subsequently was incorporated into the disparate occult and mystical traditions. It appeared as a term for a pagan idol in trial transcripts of the Inquisition of the Knights Templar in the early 14th century.  Baphomet is a humanoid figure with a goat’s head and embodies both genders, as it has the breast of a woman and is depicted as having both male and female organs. It is also referred to the Goat of Mendes, the Black goat or Judas goat. Matthew 25:31-34 gives us insight into why the use of a goat is symbolic and used in reference to those who live in opposition to Yahweh. Goats are defined by their selfish, stubborn, indignant and rebellious nature while sheep, who are used as symbolism for Saints are obedient and the opposite of a goat’s disposition.  Goats were even used in the Torah for the scapegoat.  There is a serious problem with a little boy wanting to dress up like a princess or worse, who believes that he should’ve actually been born a girl and vice versa there is something troublesome about a little girl who believes that she should’ve actually been male and not female as if God made a mistake.  Media subliminal usage is prolific in regard to this and should not be underestimated as a pervasive and profound influence.  

"The agenda is going strong, but at a deeper level, there’s more than just social transformation going on. This is about spiritual transformation, and the goal of preparing society to accept the Antichrist and the pagan religious system which will be part of the 666 Beast System, spoken of in the Bible. It’s just around the corner, so the indoctrination is proceeding at an increasingly rapid pace. It’s about Satan’s goal of destroying everything in creation as God originally made it, and especially the destruction of humanity created in God’s image. It’s occurring quickly because the time for his rise is almost upon us. Thankfully, his reign will be short-lived, as the Bible not only tells of this system’s rise but of its total destruction at the return of Christ." George Ryan
My gut feeling is that there is nothing natural about all that is going on in our world and that this trans agenda is fabricated by the powers to be. Look at the individuals that undergo this endeavor, self-harming, self-hating, easily influenced and easily disturbed, they become taken over are on the autistic spectrum and are in a tranz, pun intended and are all on the same train ride. All you have to do is peel the skin off this phenomenon, watch video after video, look into FB page after FB page, and you will see the same patterns no difference.  A "suppress" individual who has known since they were 3 to 5 years old, for others it starts after a traumatic event, later on in life, but the course of action is always the same as is the feelings demonstrated. They feel something was wrong with them, and they now want to alter their bodies, a cult programming to say the least. Most of these people are computer geeks, are into sci-fi, work in the video industry, and love to read and watch fantasy, alterations of gender-bending and such. The other spectrum is excessively feminine men, usually gay, who don't fit into societies typical gender box and feel they would fit into society if they demonstrated as female. Now don't get me wrong, I think self-expression is a wonderful thing, and I don't share the same sentiments as the uber Christians do, that one size fits all, but when it becomes medicalized and pathologized, then Houston we have a problem. It is important to self-express and not to fit into a box, but this agenda has just gone overboard and headed for a massive disastrous result.

The more I research and the more I see, the more I understand that this is a socially designed disorder and the medical community is just running with it. People are hurting for real, but gender is not the problem, gender is just something they can physically try to change, but we know how well that works. Healing needs to take place, healing due to childhood traumas, the lack of self-esteem, boredom, wanting more out of life and most of all escapism, that is a big one. The two types of Transsexuals in the MTF arena, the HSTS, and the Autogynepheliacs are very different conditions and Female to masculine individuals become power-driven, the need to see themselves as male and not women who are attracted to other women, or masculine females who are attracted to men. I am always so mesmerized by this whole gender dysphoria phenomenon and the lack of real information out there regarding these conditions.
The sad thing of all of this is that people's personalities are being seen as a pathology and being medicalized, instead of being celebrated for what it is. I hope things change and people need to accept who they are for real, not the fantasy version of what they have created in their heads and how they think things should be.

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Wrong Body Or Wrong Mind?

The typical Trans mentality and their famous line have always been "I was born in the wrong body", which to that I have this to say, impossible. The brain and the body are connected, they are not separate nor do they act against each other. When we are born we are born with a clean slate, connections need to be made and the wiring according to our navigation and negotiation of our environment and world becomes formed.  There are automatic and visual connections made, as well as tactile, emotional and sensory.  We are either rewarded or scorned by those around us as we learn to crawl, walk then run.  Who controls our brains? The brain works more like traffic than a car, no one is actually controlling it and this is all due to a complex procedure called emergence and it explains why all of these “specialized and localized” processes can give rise to what seems like a unified mind. Sub-atomic particles, atoms, molecules, cells, neurons, modules, the mind, and a collection of minds (a society) are all different levels of organization, with their own laws that cannot necessarily be predicted from the properties of the level below.

The unified mind we feel present emerges from the thousands of lower-level processes operating in parallel. Most of it is so automatic that we have no idea it's going on. (Not only does the mind work bottom-up but top-down processes also influence it. In other words, what you think influences what you see and hear.)
So our reactions to the world are reactionary, sensory information is fed into an explanatory module which Gazzaniga calls The Interpreter, and studying split-brain patients showed him that it resides in the left hemisphere of the brain. So because our actions seem to create a negative response to the world, we claim we are born wrong, when in fact we are not.  The interpreter is receiving data from the domains that monitor the visual system, the somatosensory system, the emotions, and cognitive representations. The interpreter is only as good as the information it receives. Lesions or malfunctions in any one of these domain-monitoring systems leads to an array of peculiar neurological conditions that involve the formation of either incomplete or delusional understandings about oneself, other individuals, objects, and the surrounding environment, manifesting in what appears to be bizarre behavior. It no longer seems bizarre, however, once you understand that such behaviors are the result of the interpreter getting no, or bad, information.

The story of the multi-modular mind and the Interpreter module shows us that the brain does not have a rational “central command station” — your mind is at the mercy of what it's fed. The Interpreter is constantly weaving a story of what's going on around us, applying causal explanations to the data it's being fed; doing the best job it can with what it's got.
This is generally useful: a few thousand generations of data has honed our modules to understand the world well enough to keep us surviving and thriving. The job of the brain is to pass on our genes. But that doesn't mean that it's always making optimal decisions in the modern world.
We must realize that our brain can be fooled; it can be tricked, played with, and we won't always realize it immediately. Our Interpreter will weave a plausible story — that's it's job.

So please stop the lies and the push for people to feel sorry for you, you were not born wrong, you are simply unable to cope with who you are, and who you are is nothing more than an entitled individual who thinks life owes you something, you need to learn to live life the way you were born as, accept it, embrace it, love yourself for who you are and stop pushing this theory on people.

Lies About Transition

Don't believe the lies you are told regarding the trans narrative, no one is born wrong, people just encounter situations while their brains are being developed and get stuck in certain level of development, a traumatized mind will develop abnormal behavior that can lead to personality and bipolar disorders, and an alter ego is developed hence the claim to being born wrong. These people genuinely believe this, and need help, but not the kind of help being provided by the medical community. They need to help these people realize that nothing is wrong with them, and they need to accept that they are different and that is okay.  No one transitions anywhere, they just take on a lifetime of drugs and procedures that do not make them into the opposite gender, they are just being sold a lie. Just like an anorexic or anybody with body dysmorphia looks in the mirror and sees something different, the trans person senses when they look in the mirror that they are someone else.

Depression What Is it Exactly?

We can’t watch television without being subjected to a slew of antidepressant medications, one of the many prescription drugs being advertised by big pharma today. Do you think it is a coincidence that most everyone you know is either depressed, anxious or suicidal, and by the way, suicidal seems to be one of the side effects from most of the latest big pharma concoction?
Let’s break down what depression actually is and how it affects us.  Our brain is a network of neurons, brain cells, and dendrites which are a short branched extension of a nerve cell, along which impulses received from other cells at synapses (gaps) which are transmitted to the cell body to create brain function. This highway or railroads that connect throughout this big mass of matter requires an optimal environment for healthy function. If we are not providing the ultimate nutritional source and healthy environment, we can’t expect our brain to work ultimately, instead it will malfunction and an imbalance will set forth depressive, anxious and abnormal behavior.
Very little is still know about brain function, the science is still in its infancy, however, since the brain is connected to our bodies and our bodies are affected by our environment in many ways, we must conclude that when things are not in balance in our intake, lived experience and chemical interaction, we will see an array of problems showing itself in what psychiatry loves to label as mental illness. In my opinion, when someone has a mental illness, they are just out of balance, therefore, disease sets in.
Without going into a prescribed treatment plan, I will tell you this, that a healthy mind is accomplished first by admitting you have a problem, becoming aware of your out of balance behavior, then by analyzing your life and your intakes. No two people are alike, so this is a personal treatment plan that you have to prescribe and assess. You will need to observe your life as a spectator and find out what is not in alignment, what does not feel good, what is making you ill, what thoughts causes you pain, anxiety, and feelings of helplessness. If you know that there is no true solution for your feelings of helplessness and your wishes or wants are not attainable or normal, then you must reassess and tap into reality, for you will become further entrapped in the abyss and your depression will worsen, as seen with many in the trans community whom even after full transition, continue to experience feelings of helplessness, depression and even have suicidal ideation. Synthetic hormones will increase depression once your honeymoon stage high is over, the pendulum will swing viciously to the other side.
Depression is not that complicated really, and in my opinion, can be solved by natural means. If you are on medication, can you actually say that your depression has improved and are you free from side effects from this said medication, you need to assess your situation and research all the natural types of treatments out there.

Here is our Thursday Show, towards the end of our podcast we talk about some solutions to depression.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

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Gender Identity Malarky

By now you are probably exhausted and reach the Trans ceiling and beyond. Every other day you hear or watch something dealing with a person claiming to be born in the wrong body and they are being “brave” for coming out.  The facts are that the fear of nonnormative individuals have created the push for transition, drugs, procedures and coming out to the world as a diva or divo.  We are becoming a society that accepts the notion that people need to do everything humanly possible to be happy, but little do they know that happiness does not come from what we do on the outside, but instead comes from the work we do on the inside.
The off the wall claims that people are born wrong and their minds do not match their bodies is a fallacy when you understand the real concept of gender which cannot be transferred, recreated nor felt.  The behavior of creating an object of desire for most western transsexual women who have an autogynephilic etiology have various motives.  One is running away from a situation, be it not wanting to assume the role of a provider, feeling inept, having had an experience during their childhood years that created a demasculinization, a traumatic experience that lead to obsessing on gender which can be tied in with various neurological impairment that presents themselves as obsessive-compulsive, Asperger and dissociative disorders.
We need to teach the future generation that one just does not change things to fit one’s desires, what is taking place is destructive not only to the individual but to their families and society in general. If I hear another person tell  me, mind your business, it is my life, you don’t know me, or it did not work for you, therefore, you have no right to speak for all of us, I will have to tell them they are full of themselves and their life clearly shows that what I am saying is facts, not fiction. Look around you folks.
These people lived their lives as the gender they were born as, had no outward disturbances doing so, functioned, produced a life and a family and now are claiming they were born in the wrong body, it makes us much sense as a bird claiming they were unable to fly because they felt like a monkey.  The facts are that these individuals created a fantasy, an object of desire and therefore the project began. I am not giving free range to those men who were outwardly feminine, known as homosexual transsexuals, which their motive was to be able to find love and navigate their environment without being mocked, I am however pointing out that even these HSTS show no distress or dysphoria and knew they were males, they just decided to change and alter their bodies to live as the gender they outwardly demonstrated. I think everyone should learn to deal with the cards they are given, society needs to be open to the various expressions, and big pharma needs to be stopped dead in their tracks.

“When a biological male declares that they “identify” as female, on what basis can they be claiming a female identity? They can honestly say that they want to be female, and they can potentially say that they “identify with women” in that they experience empathy or understanding towards females, but neither of those things makes someone female in the conventional definition of “female.” In fact, the notion that wanting to be female makes one female is quite paradoxical; why would someone be so distressed over wanting to be something that they already were? If female gender identity is really a metaphor for feeling like a woman (APA 2000), that raises the issue of how they know what a woman feels like. The problem with making claims about entirely internal things, things that can only be accessed by personal introspection and even then impossible to articulate clearly, is that such things are by nature inaccessible to other people so there can be no basis for comparison. So, working under the hypothetical assumption that there is such a quality as an ‘internal gender identity’, how can one know if their ‘internal gender identity’ is more like a male’s or more like a female’s? For someone to know if their ‘gender identity’ is male or female, they would have to be able to feel or experience another male’s ‘gender identity’, and another female’s ‘gender identity’, or have some way to access it, in order to compare another’s gender identity to their own to determine if it was more male or more female, but since ‘gender identity’ is said to be an internal state, that cannot be even hypothetically possible to do. To say that one “feels like a woman” requires knowing what another woman feels like; otherwise, how could someone recognize what they were, in fact, feeling as ‘like a woman’ and not like something else”. (Alex Parkinson)
Do not let this Trans Agenda fool you, it has become a train wreck waiting to happen, they are in bed with big pharma and the medical community players who are basically using us all as guinea pigs for profit. Learn to deal with your problems in a more holistic way, be truly brave and be different, you do not have to fit into the gender box that society forces you to fit in. Be the best you, you can be, but please stop pathologising gender and please stop trying to be something you are not.

Here was last nights show where we speak in detail about the gender fallacy and the difference between HSTS and AGPs.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Let's Get Real

One of the few things we as humans have is our word, living in truth and being kind, everything else revolves around ego and destruction. People are being born into a world filled with lies, self-centeredness, and corruption. How did we go from one extreme to the other I ask? Well, I have a few theories on this, and let me tell you it is not pretty.

The world of technology, materialism and look at me mentality, has created this crazy breed we call the human race. We have managed to destroy what our ancestors built in a very short amount of time. You think we are all so advanced and have made such great strides, but on the contrary, we are devolving and quickly I may add. Religion serves to create fear, divide, and raise funds for the heads of the organizations of the oh so profitable churches, frankly, God has not received any of the profits, nor is she/he interested in our man made so called progress and corruptions.

Politics is as corrupt as the times of Cesar and Constantine and our leaders are getting more and more bizarre as time passes by.  The medical system which at one point made house calls and had fewer than a few prescription drugs at hand is now one big Pharma fest, and let's not forget snip, tuck and kill. Yes, we have industries now that instead of forging forward for our betterment, are creating more and more problems for our human race, and we are letting them destroy us and our planet.
I want to go back to the year 2003 when I learned of this new Cult called Transsexuals. I had identified as a lesbian woman since I was 13 years of age but in the summer of 2003, I learned that I could become a "man" and no longer be considered what I had been taught to feel shame about anymore. I could change my life and become a "man", according to the so called professionals and what we now see as an epidemic at a rise.

There were no true objective testing or findings being administered,  but I had learned what others said online when they went to these so called gender specialists, and I surely looked the part since I had been bodybuilding and dabbled in body enhancement chemicals, so I knew I would pass with flying colors and would be given the letter that would change my life.  I was on my continual road of destruction, nothing had changed except, I now obsessed with my body and would stop at nothing to get the look I so desperately wanted. Having been overweight most of my life, hated what I looked like and of course my breast from being molested as a child, the whole narrative of Gender Dysphoria surely had my name written all over it.  I see now how criminal this whole concept of being born wrong is, and frankly, there are no objective findings or true clinical studies that can back this up, we are just a bunch of narcissistically obsessed, self-loathing, traumatized souls who are not being given the proper help we really need.

We have been given the license to destroy ourselves and others without any second thoughts about it. The Trans agenda has run with this ball and has created their narratives as they see fit, and are pushing their agenda on everyone without thinking about the ramifications of their choices. These are people who dislike their lives and are bored, want more out of life and have sexualized their fantasies beyond measure and are changing the world as we know it, and not for the better.  The fantasy of being someone else, of creating a character that becomes the center of their life and universe while seeking attention and validation from others, as well as taking lots of prisoners along the way and not taking no for an answer, is ladies and gentleman transgenderism in a nutshell. Don't be fooled with the victim mentality, we are good at seeking sympathy from others and making up all sorts of scenarios to get our way, it's our defense mechanism, our way of dealing with the hurt, our damaged neurological system, and our poor self-esteems.

To this day, I still don't understand what would possess a person to do what we do, ranging from self-harm to alienating everything and everyone around us, and for those who get lucky and manage to keep friends and family, you were good at manipulating those you love, using a rather intelligible technique or threats of suicides to gain your validation. Realize I feel bad for everyone involved, to include the parasite that has taken over the host, who at some point was an organism who was lonely and looking to inhabit a bigger world.

I can only hope that people will wake up from this nightmare, and realize what they have allowed to take place, I hope that no more gender clinics open up and that more are shut down, after the countless law-suits rain in. I also hope that transitioners get a grip on reality, and realizing that there is more to life than gender and that the loss out weight the gains. I hope that more people step up, to tell the truth, and that they stop using children as their shield. I hope that people start seeing the truth behind this transgender phenomenon for what it really is. The two distinct types and motivation, that the research has clearly shown, and although many trans women have fought long and hard to hide the truth, the research and science prove otherwise.  So our two groups are homosexual males who are so feminine that they are unable to live successfully as men and do better as women; and, on the other hand, heterosexual males who are erotically stimulated by the idea of themselves as women. Blanchard called the first group HomoSexual TransSexual or HSTS and the second Autogynephilic Transsexual or AGP.

The distinction between these two groups has never been scientifically challenged; indeed, recent papers by Rametti et alSavic and Arver and Guillamonstrongly support it. There are two groups and Blanchard correctly identified them. Most Transgender born male in the West are Autogynephilic. There are a number of reasons for this, all cultural. Residual homophobia is the main one, especially that of the ‘gay’ male community. This ruthlessly policies ‘gay’ men and condemns any expression of femininity. according to Charis O. Fleming. Here is an interesting video, among many where he discusses in detail this phenomenon.

You will never get most trans individuals to come clean or admit to being an autogynephilic, due to the stigma and their religious upbringing, but when closely studied and analyzed the signs are all there as it the research. Frankly, I would like to see people work through their pain, instead of creating these victim scenarios and pushing their sexualization on everyone else. I believe that the truth will set us free, and will help us heal and create a better tomorrow. If we continue the lies, the deceit and the continual medicalization of this condition, we will be destroying many lives. We need to put a stop to this while we still can. We need to properly handle this condition that I believe is based on childhood traumas and parasitic infestations. And although this may sound sci-fi to most, I can't think of anything else that can lead a human being to do what they do to themselves and others.

Toxoplasma gondii might be the most famous brain-controlling parasite of all. It's a single-celled organism that can infect almost any warm-blooded animal, to include Humans. But where it gets unsettling is the possibility that the parasite, which is hugely common in humans, affects our behavior too. "There are lots of studies finding correlations between [human] infection and behavior," says Weinersmith. "There was also a study that found a correlation between country-wide neuroticism scores and the percentage of the population infected by Toxo, suggesting that the parasite influences culture." There is at least one other ironclad example of a parasite which controls human behavior: rabies. Humans and other mammals infected by the rabies virus develop hydrophobia – a fear of water – and aggressive behavior, including biting. Since the virus is spread by saliva, that makes sense: Biting for obvious reasons, while water could wash infected saliva away and make the bites less infectious, so a fear of water is good for the virus. Clearly, humans are not beyond the reach of behavior-controlling parasites.

I would like to see better research and interpretation of this condition, I would like to see real professionals deal with this transgenderism, instead of the one size fits all approach that has been created to push drugs and surgery to the already hurt and desperate population that are being led on the wrong path.

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