Thursday, August 31, 2006

Transsexual teacher (Prejudism the death of mankind)

The tongue is the worst weapon ever created. We lash at one another with our bigot remarks and hateful statements. We seperate each other due to our differences, not realizing the differences are part of our world. So here you have this woman, this teacher, who was unfortunate to be born in the wrong body. Her genitals do not coinside with her gender. If we were to get educated on how a fetus develops, in terms of gender and sex, then we would understand the struggles a transsexual individual goes through. Well, your in luck, I will provide you with the answers. A typical development begins at 8 weeks time inside our mother's womb. Our brains get hard wired to be a boy or girl brain, depending on the avaiability of androgen. Until 8 weeks time, fetuses are neutral and would develop as a female, this is the default system. So, when the Y chromosome enters the picture, this chromosome communicates with a gene that is responsible for the influx of hormones that will hard wire the brain as a boy brain. Following the pathway down south, receptors waiting for the relay message, will then commence the development of the gonads, reproductive organs, and finally the genitals. If all goes well gender=male and physical sex=testes, penis, should align. What happens when the message gets construde? The brain develops one way, the physical sex into another. There are many combination of premuations that take place. It's a matter of fact 65,000 children are born a year with some form of mix up. We need to get our heads out of the ground, and become educated on the issue. This is not a life style or a choice, this is mother nature gone wild. Now, we can't put all the blame on her, we have created a multitude of endocrine disrupting chemicals that alter the natural path of events. We will be seeing and hearing more about this.

A person knows their gender identity by the time they are 3 years of age. So parents listen to your children, according the the Merck Manual, a child knows if they are a boy or a girl as young as 18 -24 months of age. This has nothing to do with sexual preference, but all to do with a persons identity. Their gender identity. So please try to understand, and put yourself in our shoes, it's not our fault that our brain and physical sex do not match. Be compassionate, and educated, and don't let bigotry govern your heart. Transsexuality is not a sin, a crime, nor is it deviant behavior. It is however, a birth defect created at 8 weeks time in our mothers womb, where the brain and the body failed to communicate. So mothers at Batavia High School, do not worry, the teacher is fine mentally, biologically, she will be fine soon, when she gets her surgeries.

Stop fearing us and start hearing us.

Mark Angelo Cummings

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