Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why the Wars?

Last time I checked we were all trying to have our rights, be heard, accepted, and feel equal. I can understand that heterosexuals are threatened by homosexuals because anything that is different creates separation and anxiety, in most. But what I can't grasp, is those people who have been discriminated against, to discriminate against others and themselves. For example, the latest buzz is Lesbians are being threatened by transsexual males (FTM's) and feel the need to call us traders. I felt this sting to close to home when my own little sister, who is a lesbian, retaliated against me, and gave me the cold shoulder. Our relationship has never been the same since I transsitioned. I ask myself, "self", why? The only answer that I came up with was, they feel betrayed. Alright, I will give them that. They feel we went to bat for the opposite team, but can't they see, that all along we were suffering, being someone we were not? Some of us lived in their world (lesbians) because we knew no other world to live in, possibly feeling lonely and found the love of these women to be amazing. Why must they turn their back on their little brothers, in my case big brother, instead of reaching out and trying to understand. I know, it's hard, it's like dealing with the enemy. But if we learn that maybe the enemy is not so bad, it might help bring together two sides that have been fighting for centuries. I think there is something to learn here. Transsexual people can help unite men and women by creating a mutual understanding, dwelling in the deep secrets and codes, that is only known by each gender. My main point is let's get along, let's stop the fighting, I don't know about you, but I am tired and fed up with wars. If we learn to respect each others differences, and become strong together, we can move any mountains and change the world once and for all. To fight and argue is to waist precious energy. Energy that can be saved to heal the most undesirable of all illnesses and troubles. Sisters and brothers the time for acceptance, love and peace is here. Lets stop the wars, and lets make love.

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