Saturday, September 16, 2006

The marriage laws

Who decides if you are a man or a woman. Clearly many people will say, the doctor that brought you into this world. He looked at your genitals and proudly called you a boy or a girl. Well unless these doctors have a way of looking at the different factors and combinations there are in the chromosomal/genetic make up, they are then just taking a wild guess. You are scratching your head and thinking what does he mean. If you have a penis you are a boy and if you have a vagina you are a girl. Well, yes in the elementary sense of things, or in a typical development this statement holds true. But what about the 65,000 children who are born a year with out the clear cut signs or the typical development? They have a collage of chromosomal inconsistency, combinations, insensitive or none responsive receptors that throw off the typical pathway of gender and sex congruence. In this equation we are also looking at sexual preference which are also genetic in nature. Although many extremists may argue, the cascade of events that take place in early development are responsible for gender identity and sexual preference. So then, who is to say if two men want to get married, that one of these men actually has an xxy combination in his chromosomal make up, which then would make him part female. So then is it really a same sex marriage? That same argument can be turned around and said, what if a heterosexual couple had a chromosomal mix up that actually made one of them into the same sex. We never really test our chromosome so we can't really know, can we? So I say, stop the black and white definition that makes up a man or a woman, since we can't really see or know if one is actually a man or a woman.

Science has advanced dramatically to be stuck in primitive times and with such close minds. Live and let live, worry about more important things in life, like our planet.

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