Friday, September 01, 2006


So you have heard the term before, or maybe you have seen a drag queen perform in the past, you know, the one's in "those" night clubs. Or maybe you once had an uncle who use to like to wear female clothing. But do you really know what transsexuality is all about, or are you like most people that are quick to judge and just call us freaks? You confuse the term with one's own sexual preference. Hey the word sex is in the term, so it must be some sexual perversion, right? The term means transitioning from one sex to another, or better yet changing your sex to match your gender. Gender is not the same thing as sex. Gender refers to your identity, your personality, the essence of you. Sex refers to your physical sex, your genitals. At 18-24 months of life, according to the Merck Manual, a child knows if they are a boy or a girl. At 8 weeks gestation ( inside your mother's womb ) the brain get hardwired by a hormonal influx, to be a boy or girl brain. So you think, or you have heard, that chromosome are the ones responsible for deciding if you are a girl or a boy. Well think again. There are so many different combinations of chromosome patterns, that it makes it very difficult to clearly say, if you are a boy or a girl. Besides this, if the chromosome messenger does not receive the proper message, a faulty hormonal influx takes place. So what does that mean? It means that until the fetus reaches 8 weeks in the womb, it is considered neutral. It is not until androgen is received in the brain, that it differentiates into a boy fetus, or girl fetus. Androgen comes from the Y chromosome. But what happens when your mother has been given medication, introduced to some environmental toxins, or has too much stress? The signals get confused, the brain develops one way, the physical sex ( gonads, reproductive organs, and genitals) develops into another. 65,000 children a year are born with some form of anomaly. The variance is climbing, due to the endocrine disrupting chemicals we see in our environment.

So ever since Jeudo-Christianity believes took over form Magna Mater, in Roman times, we have this notion, this binary system, that believes there are only two genders. So what about the Intersex? What do we do with them. Did you know that Transsexualism is a form of intersex. You see conveniently these religious extremists want you to believe that being different is a sin. Not being educated enough to know there is a neurobiological reasoning behind it. They do not want to believe this, yet they believe in a God they cannot see. Other countries that are not politically governed by Christianity, have done research to prove what I am talking about. Spain, Iran, and France, to name a few, consider Transsexaulism an error of nature. Therefore, they assist Transsexuals with their surgeries and give them civil rights. Our government wants to deviate the worlds problems, you know the one's they have created. By picking on homosexuals, transsexuals, and also telling women what to do with their babies. I think it is time we become educated, be more compassionate, and start thinking for ourselves. Below I will provide you with some links that will help you see for yourself that what I have been talking about is the truth. I want nothing more than to live in a world that can be healed and learn that we need to Love each other unconditionally.

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