Tuesday, October 31, 2006


“The time is coming”. I remember hearing this since I was a young child. My Grandmother would fiercely preach pounding on doors telling everyone that Armageddon is getting near. It has been 37 years since that memory. My Grandmother has since passed away, and the coming of Christ is no where near. In 1914 they said the end was here, and so have they said since Roman times. Yet no signs of Christ or Armageddon. What I do see is more hostility towards one another, the hatred and bigotry is growing rapid. There is no compassion or understanding for one another. Religious groups are meshing in, with their agendas. Each using different forms of violence and intolerance, all in the name of God. All leading at the same results, death and violence. If I were God, I would be so hurt and ashamed of man kind. No, not with the sinners, but with the ones who claim to be riding his horse. The ones who say they Love Jesus, the ones who claim to be born again. The radical, intolerant, self righteous bunch, who constantly point out the spec in their brothers eye, but fail to see the log in theirs. God expects us to sin, we were born in it. You can’t change that no matter how hard you try. But what he does demand is that you show love and compassion for one another.
Shame on you political puppets who allow these religious leaders to shape your agenda, so they can have control with their hypocritical ways. Shame on you for praying on the weak with your Bible thumping words and repetitive versus that you use to try to convince yourselves. You lobby for the un born child, yet for those that are living, you let suffer with curable diseases if the means were available. You let young adults suffer and drown in their own blood, fighting a war that is senseless and fabricated by the greed oil Mongols. You pick on a group that only wants human rights, like you have, all because they love different than you. They will enter the kingdom of God before you do, unless you learn to love unconditionally as Jesus himself asked you to do. You claim that they are an abomination and that Sodom and Gomorrah showed it with their destruction. Forget not that is was the in hospitability, wickedness, sexual violence, incense, and violent war acts that brought the destruction of the city, not homosexuality. The word does not even appear in the Bible. Remember the language in those days was limited, as too was their mental capacity. How can you go by a book that was written by mankind, whose intention were less than holy. How can you claim that those violent, genocide approving, slavery wanting men, that believed in woman’s oppression, could possibly generate the word of God. Who died and made them boss. Why should we believe in them? We all have our own connection with the Holy one, it gives you no right to monopolize him. We should not need a book, something so humanistic and fabricated to control our hearts.
I am telling you, as God is my witness, you are wrong and need to change your wicked ways. Going to church and repeating versus like parrots, pointing out other peoples faults, condemning, separating, hating, placing stumbling blocks on one another, is not the way into heaven. God screams in horror and in shame, for his only wish, that his children find love and peace on earth, is so distant. Listen to your hearts, do not fear the unknown, do not hurt those that are different from you, because God created them too. Start a new, toss that Bible aside and look for the scripter in your hearts. There, is where God will speak to you, not through some out dated book that is tainted from the moment it was written.