Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Open up your eyes

Jesus was a bright man, no more son of God than you and I. " I am my father are one " does not mean that Jesus is God, it means, as I can quote, "my wife and I are one", but that doesnt mean that my wife is me. That means that we are all the same, a source of numatic energy, never ending, never seperating. We are stronger together and weaker apart. We become ingrossed within our union. Our particles even after seperating can find there way home because of the power of light and force. Our reality is made not by our eyes and ears, but by our inner core that is magneticly influenced by the celestial bein, who neigther has a face nor a voice. We can't even begin to think we understand it, and to think a book holds the answers is absurd.
The time to reason is now, for the path that religion has taken us is near the abyss. The emptiness and power struggles have gone on way too long. We are brighter than our ancestors, and should finally stop the charade. Think Brothers & Sisters, unite and argue not, for it is our path to bring change to this wicked world. A world that has been tainted by those who want power over all. Religion has been their vehicle to our souls. We shall not be restrained and limitted, for the spirit is free, and our hearts the guiding force to the truth. Not some book written by mankind. Let your hearts be the guide to good and not evil, give yourselves credit and be not the puppet the religious leaders have taught you to be.

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TMink said...

Hello Mark, I disagree with your assessment of Jesus. But I am enjoying your blog, and appreciate your writing. I will read more, and agree or disagree more too! Check out my blogs if you wish, not politics, just mainly photos.