Tuesday, December 19, 2006

what is perfect?

Everything around us seems to demand perfection. If you are the winner of a competition, an athlete or a member of the glee club, you must abide by the perfection rule. To be human is to be imperfect, so how can we demand these things from one another. What are we teaching our children, and were do we plan to go with these guidelines. Even religious groups pound this message and ignore the fact that to be human is to make mistakes. I think we should focus less on perfection, and worry more about helping our fellow beings and spreading love through out the land. I find that those that demand perfection and moral boundaries are the ones who do things behind closed doors. I could mention names which can make a list a mile long, but what good what that do, you know who you are. So lets focus for the new year to be more human and less robotic, modern technology is doing a swell job with that already. We are loosing our human touch, and that is scary and sad.

Instead of making unrealistic new year resolutions, lets worry about our emotional and physical health, to spread love and understanding amongst one another, and remember that God Loves us no matter what.

Peace be with you my brothers and sisters

Mark Angelo Cummings

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What is family value?

If we look at our society, really take a close look. What do we see? A combination of people all stemming from different walks of life, different belief systems, an over all collage. Yet there are still individuals that want to create separation and bigotry to make themselves feel powerful and superior. Jesus once said Love each other as I have loved thee and do not place stumbling blocks or hindrance upon one another. Yet that gets over thrown when the self righteous preach what they interpret as God's word. Lets re define family value. Family value is when a group of people who love and care for one another respect and show compassion for each other. They try to understand each others pain and suffering. They share good times along with the bad times and are there for each other through thick and thin. They value each others company and presence, provide support and inspiration and over all know when the other needs a lending ear. They do not judge nor condemn one another, instead provide love, unconditional love to the end. That is Family Value, not some fairy tale idealistic scenario of perfection and glee. We are human beings people get over the Holier than though attitude and learn to live in peace.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

my thoughts

my thoughts

Friday, December 01, 2006

Transgender Character creates religious uproar

Why must they feel they are superior to everyone else? Why must they try to enforce what they think is God's will? Obviously I can only be speaking of a particula group "The Religious Extremists". Now, they are having a fit about the new Transgender Character in "All My Children". Afraid they (AMC) are creating a trend, as if we are some new fashion statement or some " in" thing. For someone who claims to be so knowledgable in history, they really know nothing at all. Do they not realize we have been around since the begining of time? That we are so much a part of God's creation as all the variety and beauty he/she has created. What is wrong with this bunch? They are one track minded just like their beliefs. Everything has to be black or white, boy or girl, this or that. Let me ask you this, is there only one kind of flower? Or only one species and variety of animals? What about the trees? The world is full of variation, mutations and evolution which continues to create exceptional changes. So why must we feel that there is only two genders and that man is meant to be with only woman or visa versa. Why must we continue to seperate and segragate each other and pick on our differences, instead of rejoycing with every fiber of our being. If God truly intended for us to be clones and so ridget in our everybeing, then we would act, be programed and designed in that fashion, but we are not. He made us the way we are and that's that. So give God more credit, he is not some boring old guisard who cannot chew gum and walk at the same time. His divine creations are just that, devine and with much variety, just like the different colors of the rainbow. Oh and please realize that homosexuality is not the same thing as transsexuality. One, refers to an attraction of the same gender, the other is a persons identity. Gender, sex, and sexual preference are three different things. Gender is hard wired in your brain at 8 weeks time in your mother's womb, before you are even born. (Depending on the hormonal mix and where you fall in the gender/sex continuum). Sex refers to the physical components in your body such as your genitals, gonads, and reproductive organs which by the way should be congruent if all goes as planned. Finally, sexual preference, well that is self explanitory. Its who you want to be with emotionally and are physically attracted to. So, I know its hard, since most of you are one track minded, its a characteristic that most Religious Extremists have, but please open your minds and let more than bible versus fill up your neurons. If there is a God lets give him or her more respect and stop tyring to put words into his or her mouth. Just Love unconditionally, as God has requested us to do and leave us be.