Tuesday, December 19, 2006

what is perfect?

Everything around us seems to demand perfection. If you are the winner of a competition, an athlete or a member of the glee club, you must abide by the perfection rule. To be human is to be imperfect, so how can we demand these things from one another. What are we teaching our children, and were do we plan to go with these guidelines. Even religious groups pound this message and ignore the fact that to be human is to make mistakes. I think we should focus less on perfection, and worry more about helping our fellow beings and spreading love through out the land. I find that those that demand perfection and moral boundaries are the ones who do things behind closed doors. I could mention names which can make a list a mile long, but what good what that do, you know who you are. So lets focus for the new year to be more human and less robotic, modern technology is doing a swell job with that already. We are loosing our human touch, and that is scary and sad.

Instead of making unrealistic new year resolutions, lets worry about our emotional and physical health, to spread love and understanding amongst one another, and remember that God Loves us no matter what.

Peace be with you my brothers and sisters

Mark Angelo Cummings

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