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My Response to comments from Tranny Regret in the New Timess Article

I feel transsexuality in general has many characteristics and individuality, including behaviors, which Michael exhibited. For starters the isolation, stealthy, self loathing, along with the intolerance of our world, that we experience, creates many psychosocial disorders in the transsexual individual. I know many MTF's who correlate becoming a woman with shopping, buying expensive shoes, and over indulging in surgery. Most transsexuals experience obsessive compulsive behaviors to include FTM's. In my research, I have notice that transsexuals have many neurological issues all byproducts of the hormonal bathing that took place in utero. I was interviewed by Ashley, the reporter in the article, because she wanted my intake on the situation. I was very appalled by the religious group who intervened and took it upon themselves to be judge and jury, and played head games with someone who already had issues. I suggested legal intervention for they should be held responsible for their actions. I have read many comments regarding Michael online and on other forums, and I feel that people are being unfair and judgmental. There are no manuals that clearly dictates who is transsexual or not. Being subject to a continuum, transsexuality is clearly not black or white, but has many shades of grey.

Transsexuaity is subject to hormonal bathing, genetic structures, receptors and timing. Some individuals can go back and forth with their identity, yet this doesn’t make them any less of a transsexual than someone who knows there is no turning back. Our society basis everything on labels, and this is where we get ourselves in trouble. Nature has no black or white, humans are the ones that find the need to place people in boxes and place labels on them. I hope Michael gets the help he needs, and I also hope that his transgender brothers and sisters stop tearing him down. We need to remember that our roads have not always been easy, that we too have dealt with situations that were not always perfect. Some of us have had an angel on our shoulder helping us every step of the way, while others have had to go at it alone and with much difficulties. Let's take Michael's life and learn from it, instead of sensationalizing it like the media most often does.

I dream of one day where the world will finally break free from labels, where minorities will unite instead of tear each other down, were we will learn that it doesn’t matter the color of our skin, the gender we identify as or who we decide to sleep with. Instead we will see that we are all connected, one big macro organism that are here to make each others journey more pleasant and not distasteful.

Peace to all

Mark Angelo

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fearful Americans: In Disbelief We Are A Dying Nation

The fall of the Roman empire must have come to a surprise for many, how could such a powerful empire crumble down to it's knees? Simple, greed and the power hungry individuals that tipped the scale to the farthest point, will have history repeat itself. Our country once known as a proud and gleaming institution, we once shined as the stars on our flags, is now dim, and barely a dull glimmer of hope, shines our way.

What happened, how did the tables turn? Where did we go wrong? Let me take you back, the year 1963, a man who was filled with hope and inspiration, wanting to do great things for his country, was silenced forever. This man believed in freedom equality, peace and justice for all. Those responsible for his death and the turn of our nation, benefit from war, inequality, creating division amongst all that walk our country, so they can conquer and rule the world..

The federal reserve, having nothing to do with the government, instead a private institution, run by the most wealthiest of men, the independent bankers that control our world, you heard right, have ruined our great nation, and our the ones running the USA. So you think it is our incompetent President, President Bush, who has mastered mind all of the catastrophes we see before us. He is barely capable of putting two intellectual words together never mind, running 50 States and creating such chaos.

He was chosen by these cartel, because he fits the part, the leading role of the grand play, "Fearful Americans" He would be the one who would lead us to war, and blame, the camel riding, rug praying Biladin, so we would be angered and willing to go into battle. We must be patriotic, and support our great President, after all we have much to fear, the Terrorists are ready to terrorize us all in a heart beat. In addition he will convince the Evangelicals that he was re born and his old drinking ways were now things of the past, because he found the lost Jesus. The Evangelicals as nieve as the rest of us, embraced him, and funded his campaign, along with the independent bankers, who proved to be fruitful, even though he technically lost. It is amazing how money can buy you power and how an election could be swayed; how people can be lead to believe that our government is looking out for their best interest, even when all the signs point to foul play. But I guess just as the Christians believed there was a Jesus, and blindly listen to a book that has been tainted through out history, the people want to believe that our government will do right by all. If I have learned anything in the past couple of years, that the only God our government and it's surrounding people pray to, is the dollar bill.

With the elite going into places like Bohemian Grove, part of the Bohemian Club and the Skull and Bone Society, these men who belong to these exclusive clubs which have been linked to child pornography, Satanic Rituals, and world domination are the ones running our country. I suggest you research these things, and watch a film which made an impact on my life, called Zeitgeist. We are heading for rough times, we have been enslaved, and lied to by those who claim to be on our side. Power, money and greed have destroyed many empires in the past, what makes us think we are inoculated from it ever happening again.

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Transsexuality it's all about the Hormones

There is a curiosity as well as avulsion with transsexual people. The lack of information and the religious imposed guilt trip: "God doesn't make mistakes" can lead to the animosity towards us. I created this video to help answer many of your questions and I didnt hold back. This is just the beginning of the series I will create. I will have the videos available for download on my LULU account:

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An Interview With A Transsexual Man


The Mirror Makes No Sense: A Memoir Exploring Transgender Issues from Author's Personal Experience, his original & inspiring music, and where he is headed next… By Herb Sosa

When we last visited with Mark Angelo Cummings, he was promoting his autobiographical book revealing the personal story of a man who has made the necessary changes to match his body to his heart and mind. Born in Cuba as Maritza, biologically female, Mark Angelo Cummings has struggled with his gender identity for as long as he can remember. Now married, developing a successful personal training business with his wife Violet, writing and performing music and touring with his life story, Mark is on a journey that even he never saw coming. We revisit some of the questions we had in the past, and ask some new ones of Mark and Violet. The Mirror Makes No Sense traces Marks life and struggles, starting with a humorous tale of life's beginnings in the womb to the monumental life-altering decisions he has had to make in later years. He shares his childhood spent in Cuba as Maritza Delcarmen Perdomo in an abusive household. Wanting so desperately to please his mother, Cummings tells of suffering both from his own confusion and the violence within his home. Thru Marks personal story in this book he takes us on a trail of transgender issues and reveals his account of useful life guides for both men and women, such as how to "please a woman and satisfy a man" and brings a message for parents of transgender children of unconditional love. –excerpt from Mirror Makes No Sense. A Life Changing Transformation Mark life has been very public during and since his physical transition. Has this been a conscious thing, or did it just happen? Do you embrace the media and attention or regret it. "It took a life of its own. I never really meant for it to be this way but I am glad it did since I have helped many people along the way. I truly embrace the media; it is a major source of education and information for the transsexual community. I would do it all over again in a heart beat, no regrets what so ever." The transformation Mark has gone thru, most of us cannot even begin to imagine enduring, but for Mark, then Maritza, there was nothing else to do. What is involved psychologically, Legally & Financially? Was there support for you in the community, medical field or government? The physical changes are amazing with every passing day my male self engulfs my every being. My facial structure, voice, hair growth and body composition changes are incredible. I hardly recognize myself in the mirror. Psychologically it has been a roller coaster, the changes have been so dramatic emotionally and physically that one has hardly anytime to adapt, needless to say, as well as those around us. To learn to be a man from one day to the next without the proper guidance of a male role model as one would have growing up is not easy. The challenges one faces taking on the male persona and reasonability are also challenging. Legally the ton of paper work and dealings with bureaucracies in the governmental agencies is a task, especially having to educate those individuals who know nothing of the condition. They definitely make transgender individuals feel uncomfortable with their ignorance. Financially it is a burden to undertake the excess finances incurred by doctor visits, hormone treatment and surgeries. One would definitely have to take on a second mortgage. I have been blessed with having a successful business that allowed me to pursue my transformation. To date there is no support from our government; needless to say they are uneducated about the condition as well as the medical community. "Transitioning is a rather long process. Some people will always be in transition. It can take a person anywhere from 1 to 5 years to fully be complete, depending on the surgeries they are having done. For a female to male or transsexual man, the creation of the penis is the most costly and lengthy process. There have been reports of over 14 surgeries before the final product. The total cost can run anywhere from 150,000-200,000 US dollars. Most transsexual individuals go out of the country to get a cheaper deal, but I say buyer beware. What you are saving up front will cost you at the end. There are many complications that arise from surgeries and one will have to get many revisions before you are finally done. Therapy if it where up to the therapist, it would be a life long ordeal. I personally only had to meet with mine for 5 sessions. But once she was satisfied that I was mentally stable and that I truly had gender dysphoria, she gave me my letter. To explain this further, a transgender person requires a letter from a gender specialist (psychologist or psychotherapist) that states they have gender identity disorder. The therapist must evaluate their client to make sure there are no other conditions like personality disorder, schizophrenia or bipolar conditions. In addition they need to see that the person is stable to undergo such drastic changes without taking their own lives or the lives of others. After all it is such a drastic life change, that even the healthiest of minds can crack. There is a guide line or protocol that was started by a man called Harry Benjamin, it is called the Harry Benjamin Criteria, it states that a transgender person must seek care from a gender specialist get the diagnosis, live the true life test (live as the gender you are transitioning to) for at least one year, before getting surgeries. They can go on hormones in the meantime. It is not written in stone and it is not law, but most surgeons will not touch you unless you have the letter from your therapist. I have mixed feelings on this, what does a Therapist know about me that I already don't know about myself. We are the true experts on transsexuality, not the doctors." The only regrets Marks say he has, is not to have done it sooner, but as far as the procedure, he wouldn't change a thing. "I have been blessed and feel my process went smooth" added Cummings. I recently attended the taping of the Cristina Show in Miami, where several guests appeared, including Mark and a 14 year old from Argentina was there with her parents. The child wants to physically become a girl. What was your take on how the program was handled, and at what age do you believe reassignment surgery should be a consideration? "I have been on many talk shows and very few of the hosts are well educated on the subject, Christina was no exception. I would like to see them become better informed prior to interviewing a transgender guest. Larry King wins the prize on the worse questions asked and the least prepared. I believe the transition should be done early in life, as to prevent the unwanted sexual characteristics that set in during puberty. It would save the person a world of heartache and psychological torture. If the transgender child were administered hormone blockers and then given the proper hormones, it would make the (transition) process a lot easier. The age should be person specific, but I believe the blockers should be administered before puberty and the correct hormone at around 14 years of age. This is up to the parent and the child, the health care provider should advice as best as possible." Brazil has just announced that it will provide sex reassignment surgeries free of charge thru its national public health system. The US & most other countries do not. "Most countries are well aware of our condition and know that it is a variation of nature; therefore they provide the services needed for the transgender person. The United States of America is run by religion and closed minded individuals who are not aware of fetal development and how things can go wrong. I suggest to our government to get with the programs and stop thinking with their bibles, but instead with their hearts and to look at the scientific facts. Other countries are funded to do research and have lots of information regarding this issue. Our country will not fund this research because the fundamentalist will not allow it. We are taught to think within the box, dare us step out. There are more than two genders, other cultures realize this and celebrate the multi genders in their circle. We are far behind and have lots of catching up to do." Having lived a significant part of your life in a female body, did you have relationships with men or other women? Did you consider yourself Lesbian at the time? How did that compare socially, to living in a Mans body today? "I have been attracted to both genders all my life but felt comfortable with females since that allowed me to feel closer to whom I was. The several encounters I had with males were not comfortable for me, because they did not see me as the man that I am. I really do not like labels, but I did frequent gay clubs and had many encounters with lesbian woman, I however preferred, heterosexual relationships that would allow me to feel as I wanted to feel. I never had a problem when I was perceived female socially, but I do agree it is much easier now as a man. If Violet and I were to part ways, I would definitely date men since I would now be perceived as I truly am." "I would date gay or bisexual men. It would have to be a man that enjoys being with men, since I now feel and look like a man, I am very much attracted to men and feel a greater connection with them. It is true what they say about men and women we speak two different languages and are from a different planet." "I love Violet and she has been a constant in my life, but we are so different in every way. I truly understand the differences in gender since I have been blessed to live my life as both. Men we have a bond between each other that scares most men and makes them into homophobes. But they still have to feel that closeness whether it would be through contact sports or through their religious experiences (dating back in time where woman were just for breeding). It dates back to ancient time where great men like Alexander the Great had a wife, but preferred his male lovers for companionship and friendship. The fascination with the phallus and male physique is something most men run from, but you can't run very far. I truly believe we are all programmed bisexual. This is even evident in the animal kingdom. We fear our true inner drives and try to bottle them up, I say free yourselves and really live. There is no one out there who will condemn you, you are only condemning yourselves. Imagine how controlling religion has become in our life that we believe in an imaginary man in the sky who is waiting for us to break his rules and then send us to hell, but he loves us, right." In your daily life, do you find it more comfortable to blend in as a man or to be recognized as leader for all things transsexual? "I identify as a transsexual man, every chance I get I educate those around me. I have no need to hide or to pretend that I am someone else. I was born female bodied; there is no shame in that. As far as my comfort level, either way is fine with me. I am who I am, Mark Angelo Cummings a proud transsexual man." I have never had a problem with violence or hate crime. I present myself in the most professional manner and give respect to receive it back. I am a lover not a fighter, but if ever someone crossed the line and endangered my wife or me, may God have mercy on their soul. Mark has found an outlet for his feelings, not only thru writing and his many media appearances, but most recently thru writing and performing music. Seen by thousands on, Mark has compiled over 20 sings about love, understanding and acceptance, and is currently developing a CD compilation and hopes to tour with his music. Mark's music comes from his heart and soul "Sometimes I feel it is the Holy Spirit placing the words on the paper. My lyrics, I have been told are very healing. I want to help heal the world, one person at a time one song at a time. I write for my transsexual brothers and sisters as well as my gay and lesbian ones. I want to reach humanity, and help them realize that we are all one." I want to make this Album and start performing, first locally and then nationally. I want to reach people with my music, make them smile and feel better about themselves. I would like to write a few more books, and possibly have my biography made into a movie. The Mirror Makes No Sense would definitely be an interesting film – Mark Angelo Cummings What About Violet? HS: Does it ever become too much? Do ever feel you just want to lead a quiet life with Mark? Did you realize this would be a part of your life when you became involved? VC: The truth, yes it can get overwhelming, I am a private person and it has been difficult for me to be in front of cameras as much as we have. Yes I do, but with Mark that is impossible. No I have not, but I have gotten use to it HS: Tell me about friends, family, etc… Are they the same as before you & Mark became involved? What changed? VC: My old friends were confused at first, but slowly they got it and now think the world of Mark. We have maintained many of our old friends, but have made new ones along the way. My family was torn at first, but most love Mark dearly, those that don't we tend to stay away from. HS: What is the best thing about being married to Mark? VC: He knows what woman want and feel. He is sympathetic and understanding. I love that he is very organized and neat, after having slobs for boyfriends and ex-husbands, it is a pleasure to have a man who helps around the house. HS: What would you change? VC: Absolutely nothing, it wouldn't be Mark if I did. HS: Where do you see you both in 10 years? VC: I would like to move to the western part of the United States, we have talked about moving to Arizona or New Mexico. We like the mountains and the peaceful desert. I would like Mark to accomplish all his dreams, and then travel around the world. I would like to continue the advocacy and just grow old together. Violet and Mark Cummings pay bills, run a successful business together, keep a nice home, travel, inspire many and love each other. They are carving a new life for themselves- full of exciting adventures, common interests, monumental understanding, Love and faith in each other. What more could any of us ask or hope for, for a brother, sister, daughter, relationship or our partners? May their wonderful journey thru life continue and succeed -Copyright © Herb Sosa & AMBIENTE MAGAZINE. Do not reproduce without citing these sources.

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Transsexual Documentary called: Dont Hinder My Gender

It is time people learned the truth about gender and fetal development, transsexuality is not a sin, a crime, nor is it deviant behavior. We are a hormonal imbalance created at 8 weeks time inside our mothers womb, where the brain and the body failed to communicate. Because of this there are hate crimes, suicide, family break ups, and over all bigotry amongst Religious Groups. Remember this: " God created all living creators, and as part of Gods creation, I stand before this world and plead. Please stop hating and start understanding, open up your hearts and your minds, and realize we are God's children too.

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Time To Give Transgenders Rights, not Ridicule

Time to give transgenders rights, not ridicule
Michael Mayo | News Columnist
August 5, 2007

Last summer, when my cholesterol count came back high, my wife signed me up with a personal trainer. "You'll like him," she said. "He's got an interesting story."

Off I went to Bodies Under Construction, a fitness studio in Hollywood run by Mark Angelo Cummings and his wife Violet.

Mark was short, balding and had a beard. He had a big smile and a quick wit.

During my first workout, Mark told me he was born with a "birth defect."

"Really," I said. "You look perfectly healthy to me."

He explained that he was, after surgery and years of therapy.

"I was born the wrong sex," he said. "I was born Maritza."

I looked at his hairy arms and chest and did a double-take. He showed me pictures from when he was a little girl and a competitive female body-builder.

Cummings, 43, has taught me a lot about gender dysphoria and transsexuals over the past year. As gender identity has come up in the headlines — a Largo city manager was fired after he announced his transition to Susan, a Los Angeles Times sportswriter I used to drink beers with at the Olympics caused a stir when he became Christine — Mark gave me a first-hand account of the desperation that led them there.

"This is not a choice," he said Friday. "It's something you try to deny and hide, but as time goes on, as you become more miserable in your own skin, you just can't take it anymore."

Cummings said he was 3 when he realized he was born in the wrong body. His parents didn't understand. After they came to South Florida from Cuba, Maritza gravitated to boys' activities, like weightlifting, and she joined the Army. It didn't help. She abused drugs and alcohol, attempted suicide in her 20s.

Then she found out that there was a medical explanation and there was something she could do about it. Maritza became Mark.

First there was hormone therapy and extensive psychological preparation. Then, on Dec. 22, 2003, he had gender-reassignment surgery. He considers the date his real birthday.

"It's like being sick and finally finding a cure," Cummings said. "I'm complete."

Cummings calls himself "a trans man on a mission," trying to educate the general public about a condition mocked and misunderstood.

"People hear transgender and they think, Rocky Horror Picture Show," Cummings said. "They think we're freaks and perverts."

Because of the widespread fear and ignorance, he said it's time gender identity is added to the list of protections in Broward County's anti-discrimination ordinance.

"We're more discriminated against because so many of us can't hide," he said. "I'm lucky because I blend in very well, my transition went well, and I have my own business. But others have to risk losing everything — their jobs, their families, their friends."

But what if a teacher transitions, and students and parents protest? What about a private business that doesn't want to risk losing customers with a worker who shows up a different gender?

"I say grow up and get educated," Cummings said. "It's still the same person underneath, doing the same job. They're still human."

Broward's human rights board has recommended adding gender identity to the anti-discrimination ordinance. But some in the gay community are resisting the change, fearing a backlash that could lead to a countywide referendum and the loss of their protections. It led to a heated meeting last week, when transsexuals confronted Robin Bodiford, a gay rights activist who wants to delay the transgender addition.

"I understand that you're trying to get gay marriage and gay adoption and I applaud you for that, but how dare you!" said Tiffany Arieagus, of Fort Lauderdale, a transsexual. "Gay, transgender, it doesn't matter. We all deserve the same rights."

Michael Mayo's column runs Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Read him online every weekday at Reach him at or 954-356-4508.

A Town Hall Dialogue on Transgender Issues

Mark Angelo Cummings and Susan Stanton

Friday August 3rd 2007
GLCC South Florida

My wife and I decided to attend the Equality for All meeting after receiving an email and invitation to partake in the event. It was Friday night and since we do not go out often, we figured lets support our local organization and off we went.
I was impressed by the turn out and the friendly faces around me. It was incredible to see so many transsexual brothers and sisters in one room along with love ones and supporters. Tracee McDaniel the Executive Director and Founder of Juxtaposed Center of Transformation, Moderated the meeting, held by The Human Rights Campaign along with several co sponsors that night. Susan Stanton was very elegant and well spoken as usual, by her side was Blue, a young transgender advocate who also served as one of the speaker in the panel.

Many topics were covered to include a brief education on what it meant to be transgender and how we suffer from discrimination. The main topic was how the federal law currently provides only limited protection to transgender people and how we need to change that. There were plenty of political figures in the house, sometimes I wonder if they really care or are they there to get our votes. But in the long run, as much as I hate politics it's a necessary evil to get things accomplished. Overall, it was a great meeting and I felt good at the end, I think we are heading for better times and we will get our civil rights. As transsexuals we need to be heard and not hide so we can make changes not only for ourselves but for the future generation.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Showing my Pride

The hot sweaty bodies where everywhere in site, bears, smooth, flamboyant, young and old alike where strutting their stuff and showing their " Gay pride ". My wife and I where there showing our support and the fact that I identify as a bisexual/transsexual man and she a bisexual woman married to a transsexual guy made us feel right at home and welcomed. We walked with honor with the Equality of Florida holding sign in hand and saying our mantra: Make Florida great don't discriminate. Tobias Packer a fearless leader organized the troops and gathered many signatures for the petition, say no to the marriage act. Well any hoot here are some pictures of the event, I hope you were there, sweating as we were, downing gallons of water in attempt to rehydrate my sweaty, hairy body.

Friday, June 22, 2007

transsexual man in love with his wife

Vows are taken lightly, I wrote this song for my lovely wife, it's called Only You.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another Transsexual Discrimination

As usual we are either losing our jobs, being kicked out of our homes or losing a love one. Lets add a new one to the list, not being allowed to enter a contest with our true identity on a You Tube Contest called Speak New Words. Take a look at this video that explains it all.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Transsexual dilema

Love and Sex tend to be two very important factors in peoples life. To be lonely or alone is one of the most devastating moments humans en-dour. But I find that most people attract loneliness by pushing themselves into a lonely abyss. We cannot all be perfect 10, out going or the worlds greatest lover, but we can however, demonstrate a loving outward persona, that will attract those we long for.

I believe in the power of the mind, the law of attraction. You will get what you think and be surrounded with how you feel. I get asked many times, how did you find your wife? My answer is I imagined her, and I got exactly what I created in my mind.

I find most of my transsexual and transgender brothers and sisters are afraid of those around them, they are even afraid of themselves. Having little to know self confidence which they developed from those around them. I chose to end the victimization program and decided instead to take control of my life, my feelings and those around me. You can do that too, I guarantee it. Stop allowing the world to dictate your happiness. Take the bull by the horn and show them who is boss.

It may sound cocky and overly confident, but hey, I am happy and haven't had a lonely day in my life. You too can have that, I promise. Ask and you shall recieve, think and it shall materialize, do not settle for less, and stop being a victim. There is that special someone waiting to be swept off their feet by YOU...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Truth

view and give a green light to bring the truth to the world.

Monday, May 14, 2007


A good time had by all. My lovely wife Violet and I enjoyed the evening at the JW Marriot Hotel in Brickell Avenue, what a wonderful event it was.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Mark Angelo Cummings performing live at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Center piece party in South Beach Florida.

The Mirror Makes No Sense: One Man's Journey

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007

I Just Want To Be Me ( A Transsexual Theme )

Mark Angelo Cummings singing a song he wrote regarding feelings on being transsexual.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The medical Needs of a Transsexual Individual series

I will be sharing with you a series of seminars that I put together for the medical community. Here is part 1

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Is it really God or is it us who are homo and trans phobe?

To be a God does one have to have power over a group of individuals? Let I create mankind, so that I can rule over these mere mortals and while I am at it, let me give them a sex drive and forbid them to have sex. Let me torment them with my rules, so they can feel guilt and therefore torment themselves and one another. To believe that our maker has set rules for his personal pleasure is absurd, to believe that he would create certain characteristics and reflexive actions to then condemn us with it, even more hilarious. For instance, let’s take a look at one of the most quoted verse on the bible. “Man shall not lay with man kind as he lays with woman kind”. Why do you suppose our maker would care, who sleeps with who? Is it because two men cannot procreate? So what happens to those poor infertile bunches that are plaguing our fertility clinics? They cannot reproduce, so shall we condemn them to hell too? What use do we have for them, they cannot contribute to societies over population so lets be rid of them. Is our God such a homophobe that he considers homosexual love and sex totally an abomination?
Why do you suppose he placed that program in our system? Do you not know that the brain of all living creatures starts out as a female brain, and that it is only when androgen is introduced that the brain becomes that of a male. Really, it is in the medical journals. Also, were you aware that your genitals or your chromosomes are not the determining factors for your gender? Hormones, prenatal environment, genes and the brain are. We use God to justify our bigotry and discrimination. If the big man above says it’s bad, then it must be. It saddens me to see how people are discriminated against for the color of their skin, the shape of their eyes, what lies between their legs, and who they want to share their lives with. We need to grow up and stop putting words into God’s mouth, and learn that the bible can be interpreted in many ways, hence the multitude of religions. We live in America to have freedom to believe in what we well dam please, but that does not include pushing our believes down other peoples throat, or making people feel less than worthy if they are different than we.
In the grand scheme of things, poverty, sickness, death, and planet deterioration are real important compared to sex and who we are having it with. How superficial is this God of ours that will condemn a loving human being, to a place that is none existent called hell, for having sex with a person of the same gender? Love is love? Pleasure is pleasure. Our maker gave us the gift to feel, sex is joyous and part of our happiness as human beings. Why must we turn it around and make it something dirty?
We claim God does not make mistakes, we as Christians, want everyone to be perfect. That is what we strive for. What makes us think that God wants us to be perfect and free of sins? To be human is to make mistakes, we grow from our experiences, and that is what makes us unique as a species. The puritans were kicked out of Europe for a reason. their holier than thou attitude is none realistic, and to tell you the truth, boring. Every culture has their utopia attitude, the 70 virgins reward system, creates an incentive that will lead to any kind of actions. The going to heaven versus hell will create all sorts of bigotry and judgment amongst people. Hello, Huston we have a problem. If we learned to accept one another for who we are, and stop worrying about that is having sex with who, I think we would be able to take care of the most critical world problems today, don’t you?
Now lets get technical, we say God does not make mistakes, alright, he doesn’t. But I say God makes variations to keep him self entertained and us for that matter. Let’s take a look at the varieties of life. Spinal Bifida, Cleft palate, Deaf, blind, autism, missing limbs, gender dysphoria, effeminate men, masculine woman, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, oh gosh I could go on forever. Why do you suppose God brought these beautiful and unique individuals to our lives? I believe we are here for a reason and you know what, how dare you question it or judge it in anyway. I am here to tell you as a transsexual man, a man who has walked in as both gender and who is at peace with himself, that you need to clean up your house and clean out your ears for you are getting God’s message all wrong.

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glamour unleash part 2

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Mark Angelo's Live performance

Performing Live at the Winter Party's Glamour Unleash 2007

Glamour Unleash at the Winter Party 2007

A night of glamour, fun and entertainment was held March 3rd at the Miami Beach Cinemateque, celebrating transgender diversity and acceptance. Mark Angelo and his lovely wife Violet. Stay tune for Marks performance.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In God's Image

Please view this video I made and presented to Current TV. Please give it a green light so it can go on TV, and the message spread.

It is my first time editing and putting a film together.

Thank you for taking your time and viewing it.

Mark Angelo Cummings

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Trans Man On A Mission

Mark Angelo Cummings will be performing live March 3 in Miami Beach Florida at the Glamour Unleash a part of the Winter Party. Here is a sneak preview of his performance.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Video Art

Boy, I am so grateful to You Tube, it is an outlet, an artistic venue, for those of us whose creative brain need constant stimulation. I have found my new love, creating short films. Well here is my latest creation. I feel it's like an abstract painting. View it and give me your abstract thoughts about it. How did it make you feel, what did it make you feel. Any way enjoy, I will try to have a new one every week, if my busy schedule allows it.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Made by Nature: Understanding Gender Dysphoria

After dealing with a bad experience as per my last blog entry. I decided, that I will bring the message to the world my self. I will be the producer and director of the film that will help change the worlds views on transsexuals. For now here is short version of what I want to get across.

I want the world to look at us with different eyes, eyes of compassion and understanding.

Please note this is the newer version, since the other had some spelling mistakes.

Thank you

Mark Angelo Cummings
Trans Man on a Mission

Sunday, January 28, 2007

double crossed by film crew and transwoman

Addendum 2/1/07:After the husband and wife team spoke amongst themselves, after receiving a call from the husband yesterday. He told me they would speak and come to me with a fair resolution. I had offered to buy the footage at a fair price. Their final verdict was this: They would provide me with certain footage, not including the B role for $10,000. Right, that was real fair. I not only found the interviewee's for them, but I was also their working side by side with her
( Director ) helping direct, and asking the questions I drew up. My wife, also with another camera to get a second angle, was involved in the shooting as well. Now, they feel that it is fair to have me buy the film for that price? No thanks, that is no deal or a fair arrangement. I will have to see what my options are since 40% of the film and profits belong to me.

Latest information regarding the documentary. I spoke with Edgar, the executive producer, we are going to come to some form of an agreement. Something that will hopefuly be fair for both parties. Will keep you posted. Negotiations are in progress.......

I must share this information with the world. I have been working on a documentary since February last year. First, I started with two individuals who work for America TV, one a camera man, the other a producer. They did not have the time, nor the money to proceed with the project, therefore, they handed over the material filmed, so I could go on with the project. I was contacted by a husband and wife team who have a small company called Spiral Media.

The two are here on a work Visa from Mexico and appeared to be trust worthy and good people. They were entering a competition on Current TV called Tolerance. I agreed to partake and be the subject for their short film which we named Nature’s choice. Never receiving a dime or compensation. I was impressed with their work, and decided to talk to them about working together on my documentary which would be called when nature fails, a struggle for gender identity. They seemed eager and excited. We proceeded on the venture. I was to rally up as many individuals that we could get to interview. Since I am well known in the trans community, it wouldn’t be a problem. I also, educated them with all the research I had done on the subject, and so they can see my vision and proceed with the film, on the same page as I.

We managed to get a good amount of interviewees, and I even put together a trip to Indianapolis where we would meet with a group I belonged too called Trans Youth Family Advocates.

I had spoken to the president of the group a Transsexual female and some of the members who were mothers of trans kids. They had verbally agreed to partake in my documentary. I paid for the trip, since the husband and wife team had no money for the production expenses, I agreed to front the money, and at the end of the product, I would get my money back. I had a bad feeling about things, and my trust of the couple was never fully there. They would constantly argue and disagree on things, it was a very stressful scenario. We finally drew up a contract, after much disagreement with the final out come. I first offered them 50% of the profit the film would make, they refused, but finally we came to the conclusion of 40%/60%. 60% to their behalf, they figure they were the film maker and had a camera and some lights.

In my eagerness to finally realize my dream and documentary, I had to settle for many things, including getting bossed around by the two. One thing that really threw me for a loop was what happened next. We never got release forms signed from the TYFA Group, thinking, there would not be a problem. They voluntarily went on camera, so I figured, why go through all the red tape. Well this was a big mistake. When Raquel De Antonio the wife of the film team, Spiral Media returned home, her husband Edgar, was enraged of us not getting signed releases. So I had to contact the group and asked them to please sign the forms as per Raquel’s husband. The release form was very invasive and threatening. Well wouldn’t you know, the TYFA group were not returning my emails. Raquel then decided to take matters into her own hands, and behind my back, she contacted the president of the group. Telling her how wonderful her interview was and asking her for the signed release. I received a carbon copy of the email from the president of TYFA, which is how I found out that Raquel went behind my back. I was upset, and smelled foul play. Long story short. The TYFA leader, now acting funny, and wanting to control the documentaries name, and context, started to give me a hard time. She explained that she did not agree with my concepts, and did not want to be associated with the docomentary and jeoperdize her new founded group TYFA. My format and outline for the documentary is to show that Transsexuality is a birth defect, therefore, the name when nature fails is appropriate to my believes. Also, I having a gripe with the religious extremists I wanted to include some of that by interviewing religious extremist on the film. Wouldn’t you know that the president of TYFA disagrees with the name and theory, and now is demanding to know what the documentary will entail and now wanted to discuss possible changes. She let me know she did not want her image on a documentary which she did not agree with. This back and forth went on for quite a while, but in the meantime the only signatures I received was from one of the mothers.

I had to go on vacation, so I was going to be gone for one week. I attempted one more email to the remaining mothers and the president of the group. Informing them that it was imperative they returned these release forms as soon as possible, that Edgar was planning on making a trailer and needed the forms to do so. But to no avail, still no signed release forms. Mind you these individuals would email me 2 or 3 times a day prior to the interviews and documentary ordeal. So now I am worried, hurt and puzzled as to why they are not communicating with me? Mean while, Edgar is fuming, and upset. Starts to ask me, the people in the group don’t like you do they? I answered, I think the leader has issues with me, maybe envy, and wanting to control the film. As she is a transsexual woman, who is trying to get her new founded group off the ground. Is in the music industry, she even asked Raquel if she could help with the sound track. All along ignoring the fact that I am the associate producer and part owner of the film. She had problems with that from the begining.

When I returned from the trip, I had a message on my answering machine from Raquel. Mark, do not contact anyone any more, leave it up to Edgar and I. I smelled a rat. I received another carbon copy of an email that was sent to Raquel from the president of TYFA. It was as if, she wanted me to know that she was doing business with Raquel, whether I wanted it or not. In this email it stated that she would be glad to work with them, and trusted their artistic views. Telling them that they as film makers could make a great film based on gender variant children. Now mind you, talk about back stabbing, and now having reasons to not trust the two. Later that evening I received a call from Edgar stating, "do not tell the president of the group of our contract and that you have anything to do with this film", just say you are helping us, that’s all. First, I felt why should I say this, and what is up your sleeves? I could not stay quite, first of all, the president of the group had informed me via email, that she did not agree with my vision and did not want to be part of the documentary. Now she changes her mind, because Edgar and Raquel lied to her about our contract. Well, I contacted her and confronted her about it. Wouldn’t you know I get a call from Edgar saying, you are no longer part of this project, we are ending our agreement, I told you not to talk to anyone. Well, first of all, I told him, we have a contract buddy, you do not tell me what to say. You are lying, and doing things behind my back. He proceeds to yell at me and call me names and tell me I am not a professional. That I screwed up the interviews, and turned everyone against me. I begged him to stop, and to please not lose focus on our project. We can always find other people to interview. He continued to rant and said I will not give you 40% of the profit, I will only give you 10%, max 15%. Now, I know for sure, I have been doubled crossed, he is probably offering the President of TYFA a cut. I have been double crossed, by the group and the film crew. I am planning on taking them to court, for I have spent too much time, energy and money on this project to watch it fall apart.

I had to share this with the world. Because I am hurt, I now have major trust issues. Here I am trying to do good for humanity, wanting to help this group take off the ground thinking they were my friends. The film makers, I never really trusted from word go, that is why I had the contract made up. But the mothers, and the president of the group I thought were my friends. I wanted to include them in this documentary which my hopes were to help open hearts and minds, to bring the message of unconditional love to the world. To educate people on transsexual issues. But wouldn’t you know it, even your own kind turn against you.

Goes to show you, can’t trust anyone, especially when you are dealing with money and films. All I want now is all the footage that has been taken. It is all my research and ideas on film. I drew up the questions and scenarios, I want justice served. It is wrong what they have done to me. The media often takes advantage of Transsexuals, wanting our stories and using us to get ratings. Film makers want to be discovered using our stories, but wanting not to properly compensate us for our work and efforts. We must stop this and send a message to the world. Our own brothers and sisters are back stabbing each other for their own convenience and purpose. This needs to stop. Please help me send a message to these individuals, that they will no longer get away with doing things like that.

Mark Angelo Cummings
Trans man on a mission.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Angry Transsexual?

I am often told I appear and sound angry. The fact I am Cuban, born in the wrong body, and have been told that I will burn in hell for my actions from a very young age, may or may not attribute to these feelings.. But what I don’t get is, why is it so wrong to express one’s emotions? From the moment we are born we are told not to cry, wine or express any or all emotions that are part of who we are. It’s just dead wrong,. Boys are not suppose to cry, girls need to act proper. For crying out loud, we can’t even express how we feel toward our government or religious institutions, without being considered a problem or dangerous. Well yeah, I get it, it’s a double standard. If you play nice with people and tell them what they want to hear, everything is okay. But as soon as you express your inner feelings, then you have a problem, right?

May I ask why? Why are we so afraid to show emotions? Why must we walk around life as if we are walking on egg shells? I would understand if this showing of emotion would create harm in anyway. For instance, If I decided to beat up on every person in my path, or destroy other people’s property. But taking this emotion and turning it into positive actions, can’t be all that bad? At least I have learned to redirect my feelings and actions into something positive and constructive. Not everyone may agree with me, but I know I have done more good than harm.

I advocate, rant and rave on many message boards. I will leave my signature in any type of forum. I strongly believe, that if you want to change the world, you have to be an active participant. So I use the internet, media, and print to my advantage. I express how I feel through words, when I see someone or a group of individuals that are preaching the wrong message, for instance the religious extremists, who try to make me or others like me feel like we are not worthy of God’s love, and will burn in hell. It’s all a matter of opinion and subjective reasoning. I will tell them what I think and try to set them straight. Who died and made them boss? Don’t they understand not everyone believes in God? There are many atheists in the world, or people who choose to believe in a deity that is none judgmental. But oh no, I don’t have a say, right away, they say I am angry and I have issues. They love to dish it out, but just can’t take it.

I make no excuses for who I am. I know where my heart is, and what I am all about. Yes I am intense, quite aware of it. But when life gives you lemons you quickly learn to make lemonade. I just make mine full octane and with a lot of punch. So for those who love me, I hope it only gets stronger, and for those who hate me, I hope you have fun doing it.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

transsexual is a word

Transsexuals is a word, just like any other word. Used to describe a group of people who are prosecuted and discriminated against because they are different. Language is necessary, yet so damaging and responsible for separating people while creating hate.

Lets try to understand the word and what it means. Why does it cause such turmoil with people and the religious fundamentalist? I would safely say, because the word sexual is in it. We have this fear of sex, this love hate relationship that creates mixed up feeling amongst us all. Guilt, fear, pleasure, curiosity, hate, and overall repulsiveness with those that engage in a different variation of what we think sex should be.

Have we really thought this out? If there was no sex, there would be no you and me. If this was such a condemned action, why is it so pleasurable and like hunger, why do we crave it so? The religious have tried to make it seem like the act of the devil. Only giving it their blessing when it’s between a man and a woman who are married and planning to conceive. Well there goes half the population. These laws they claim, come from their bible. A book that has been written by man for man. A book that contradicts itself in many fashions, so much so, that if there is only one God, why so many religions? Do you actually know why priest’s are not allowed to marry or engage in sex? It has absolutely nothing to do with God. Back in ancient times, the priest were airs of fortunes which were passed on to the church. Well if they married, that fortune would go to their wives and kids. The Church could not have this, so hence the laws changed not to allow the priest to marry, or to have sex. The bible is so full of riddles and can be interpreted in many ways, I wonder why?

Our maker has no intentions on punishing us for our innate actions such as sex, or identifying as the opposite sex from our true gender. Feelings such as being cold, tired, sleepy, angry, happy, and horny are all instinctive and normal feelings. Sex can be a wonderful experience, and as long as it is between two consenting adults, than I see no reason for it to be wrong.

But now, lets really study the word Transsexual. Trans meaning to go from one place to another, as transcending or transport. Sexual, in the case it was used when we were named, meant sexual organs, such as our genitals. So we are individuals who are transforming or transcending from our old sexual organs to our rightful organs, to match our gender.

So really there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. We are not a fad, a lifestyle, a choice, a kinky act, nor a new sexual identity. We are individuals created by our maker who have been blessed to be two spirited and possess the most wonderful of traits.

On another note, enjoy life, stop living in fear, and do not let guilt or the bible stop you from being a happy soul. That’s what those old gizzards in the old days wanted to do, to stop people from having fun, since they were too old to have any. There is nothing wrong with sex, your body, and feeling good about yourself. As long as its mutual, and you are over 18, then by all means, enjoy one of the few pleasures our maker gave us. But remember be safe, responsible and always use protection.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Female to Male Transsexuals who are we?


Although I cannot speak for all of us, I can however, share my life and experiences, that may help others understand what makes me who I am. I can bring to the table the things that I have gone through as a female transcending into a man. Most of us feel, we were never females, just incased unjustly in the wrong vessel. My thoughts though, that with the vessel came a surge of hormones that created certain characteristics, although well challenged, yet gave us the label of being female.

The dreaded period, with its awful syndrome, you know the one. The tears, the anger, the extra water weight, the curves, the infamous two, that hurt and swelled. The ones we bind and hid so well. Although now distant, and gladly so. It was my torment so long ago. Now lets move forward, to happier times, when therapy meant hope and we saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Remember the time we couldn’t wait for that script, that piece of paper, that said we can now go on testosterone. Although, I was scared, needles were never my thing, I knew that things were soon to change.

How did I feel, like most of us I am sure, that for once in our life, the right serum would flow through our veins. I don’t know if it was all in my head, but that first shot felt incredible though. I felt alive, so strong and real, heck, I don’t know I just like the way it feels. When I run low, cause its time for my weekly dose, my body knows, as if its afraid that it wont get anymore. Its my life line, it validates me, to me it’s the difference between male and female. Now, it was not all fun and games, our bodies had to get use to this new juice. The acne, the voice change, the anger spurts, the growing pains, that sometimes really hurt. But then, there was the beginning of new hair, the little fuzz at first, which matured into a full growth. I became a bear, but loss the ones upstairs. Oh well can’t have it all, I did however enjoy the growth of Pete down below. Talking about Pete, he became an active young man, always wanting to come out and play, I was so horny, night and day.

What I found interesting through out my change, was my thought process was not the same. I no longer cried at a drop of a hat, nor had the urge to talk so much as I did in the past. I became a thinker now instead, and get annoyed when my wife talks off my head. My orgasms have definitely change, there are more powerful now and make me tired at the end. I find myself falling asleep, and the need to cuddle is no longer there. I don’t like to ask for directions anymore, and my pride is wider than before. I feel the need to protect what’s mine, and have a shorter fuse most of the time. I don’t fuss in front of the mirror, and like my space much more than before. My fears I will now share with all of you, being pegged or outed at first, did I pass or will they know, yet the restroom was the place of horror, well heck you all know. I held the urge for hours on end, till I couldn’t hold it anymore, and decided to enter the danger zone.

I am still amazed how females interact with men, their coyness, their flirtatious ways, enlighten me and make me crazed. There is a common bond between us guys, a look, a nod to acknowledge our existence of mankind. As I mentioned earlier on, I cant speak for all of us guys, but this has been my journey, my change, my time. Now lets open the table of discussion in this room and share your struggles your joys and your experiences, for our wonderful sister, our girls, the ones we can’t live without, or can we, who knows.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Gender identity Crisis/ Dr. Phill screw up

I was insulted by Dr. Phills show and his lack of knowledge and compassion. So I wrote him an email:

Dr. Phill

I was highly disappointed at your Gender Identity Crisis show. I am a Transsexual male who has been on many TV appearances, ranging from The spanish Oprah: The Cristina Show, to the Montell William Show. I have educated the producers on the subject and they have been able to put together a well presented and educational show. Yours was a circus act and lacking many components. With all due respect I espected something of a higher caliber from you, Dr. Phil.

First and foremost, you know absolutely nothing of the issue, and it was apparent. The backwoods individuals that you placed on your panel did more harm than good, for the education on the matter, and demonstrated bigotry at its best.

Gender Identity disorder, is a biological condition. Pyscology has absolutely nothing to do with it. Except of coarse the damage done to us by the intolerant and uneducated folks that condem us. You are a doctor, I expect more from you.

I would be more than happy to have you consult with me on the issue, and make things right. Put on a show that will make you shine and educate our backwards society.

Religion has nothing to do with this matter, and as delusional as they are believing in a diety which they cannot hear or see, gives them no right to judge or call the shots on what they think is right or wrong. However, the science and the latest scientific evidence are as clear as day. Proving the transsexuality is a biological condition, a variation of nature, and I my friend can give you all this information and more.

There are too many hate crimes and suicide all a buy product of hate. You helped light a greater fire on that hatred. Shame on you, now its up to you to make it right.


Mark Angelo Cummings
Transman on a Mission