Friday, January 19, 2007

Gender identity Crisis/ Dr. Phill screw up

I was insulted by Dr. Phills show and his lack of knowledge and compassion. So I wrote him an email:

Dr. Phill

I was highly disappointed at your Gender Identity Crisis show. I am a Transsexual male who has been on many TV appearances, ranging from The spanish Oprah: The Cristina Show, to the Montell William Show. I have educated the producers on the subject and they have been able to put together a well presented and educational show. Yours was a circus act and lacking many components. With all due respect I espected something of a higher caliber from you, Dr. Phil.

First and foremost, you know absolutely nothing of the issue, and it was apparent. The backwoods individuals that you placed on your panel did more harm than good, for the education on the matter, and demonstrated bigotry at its best.

Gender Identity disorder, is a biological condition. Pyscology has absolutely nothing to do with it. Except of coarse the damage done to us by the intolerant and uneducated folks that condem us. You are a doctor, I expect more from you.

I would be more than happy to have you consult with me on the issue, and make things right. Put on a show that will make you shine and educate our backwards society.

Religion has nothing to do with this matter, and as delusional as they are believing in a diety which they cannot hear or see, gives them no right to judge or call the shots on what they think is right or wrong. However, the science and the latest scientific evidence are as clear as day. Proving the transsexuality is a biological condition, a variation of nature, and I my friend can give you all this information and more.

There are too many hate crimes and suicide all a buy product of hate. You helped light a greater fire on that hatred. Shame on you, now its up to you to make it right.


Mark Angelo Cummings
Transman on a Mission


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Mark Angelo Cummings said...

We should get together and force the man to have another show. This time around with correct information and a bright educational panel. He needs continuing education credits on the subject. He has done more harm than good. You should visit the message board on his website regarding the show.