Thursday, January 25, 2007

transsexual is a word

Transsexuals is a word, just like any other word. Used to describe a group of people who are prosecuted and discriminated against because they are different. Language is necessary, yet so damaging and responsible for separating people while creating hate.

Lets try to understand the word and what it means. Why does it cause such turmoil with people and the religious fundamentalist? I would safely say, because the word sexual is in it. We have this fear of sex, this love hate relationship that creates mixed up feeling amongst us all. Guilt, fear, pleasure, curiosity, hate, and overall repulsiveness with those that engage in a different variation of what we think sex should be.

Have we really thought this out? If there was no sex, there would be no you and me. If this was such a condemned action, why is it so pleasurable and like hunger, why do we crave it so? The religious have tried to make it seem like the act of the devil. Only giving it their blessing when it’s between a man and a woman who are married and planning to conceive. Well there goes half the population. These laws they claim, come from their bible. A book that has been written by man for man. A book that contradicts itself in many fashions, so much so, that if there is only one God, why so many religions? Do you actually know why priest’s are not allowed to marry or engage in sex? It has absolutely nothing to do with God. Back in ancient times, the priest were airs of fortunes which were passed on to the church. Well if they married, that fortune would go to their wives and kids. The Church could not have this, so hence the laws changed not to allow the priest to marry, or to have sex. The bible is so full of riddles and can be interpreted in many ways, I wonder why?

Our maker has no intentions on punishing us for our innate actions such as sex, or identifying as the opposite sex from our true gender. Feelings such as being cold, tired, sleepy, angry, happy, and horny are all instinctive and normal feelings. Sex can be a wonderful experience, and as long as it is between two consenting adults, than I see no reason for it to be wrong.

But now, lets really study the word Transsexual. Trans meaning to go from one place to another, as transcending or transport. Sexual, in the case it was used when we were named, meant sexual organs, such as our genitals. So we are individuals who are transforming or transcending from our old sexual organs to our rightful organs, to match our gender.

So really there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. We are not a fad, a lifestyle, a choice, a kinky act, nor a new sexual identity. We are individuals created by our maker who have been blessed to be two spirited and possess the most wonderful of traits.

On another note, enjoy life, stop living in fear, and do not let guilt or the bible stop you from being a happy soul. That’s what those old gizzards in the old days wanted to do, to stop people from having fun, since they were too old to have any. There is nothing wrong with sex, your body, and feeling good about yourself. As long as its mutual, and you are over 18, then by all means, enjoy one of the few pleasures our maker gave us. But remember be safe, responsible and always use protection.

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