Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Ultimate Creation "Transgender"

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Is it really God or is it us who are homo and trans phobe?

To be a God does one have to have power over a group of individuals? Let I create mankind, so that I can rule over these mere mortals and while I am at it, let me give them a sex drive and forbid them to have sex. Let me torment them with my rules, so they can feel guilt and therefore torment themselves and one another. To believe that our maker has set rules for his personal pleasure is absurd, to believe that he would create certain characteristics and reflexive actions to then condemn us with it, even more hilarious. For instance, let’s take a look at one of the most quoted verse on the bible. “Man shall not lay with man kind as he lays with woman kind”. Why do you suppose our maker would care, who sleeps with who? Is it because two men cannot procreate? So what happens to those poor infertile bunches that are plaguing our fertility clinics? They cannot reproduce, so shall we condemn them to hell too? What use do we have for them, they cannot contribute to societies over population so lets be rid of them. Is our God such a homophobe that he considers homosexual love and sex totally an abomination?
Why do you suppose he placed that program in our system? Do you not know that the brain of all living creatures starts out as a female brain, and that it is only when androgen is introduced that the brain becomes that of a male. Really, it is in the medical journals. Also, were you aware that your genitals or your chromosomes are not the determining factors for your gender? Hormones, prenatal environment, genes and the brain are. We use God to justify our bigotry and discrimination. If the big man above says it’s bad, then it must be. It saddens me to see how people are discriminated against for the color of their skin, the shape of their eyes, what lies between their legs, and who they want to share their lives with. We need to grow up and stop putting words into God’s mouth, and learn that the bible can be interpreted in many ways, hence the multitude of religions. We live in America to have freedom to believe in what we well dam please, but that does not include pushing our believes down other peoples throat, or making people feel less than worthy if they are different than we.
In the grand scheme of things, poverty, sickness, death, and planet deterioration are real important compared to sex and who we are having it with. How superficial is this God of ours that will condemn a loving human being, to a place that is none existent called hell, for having sex with a person of the same gender? Love is love? Pleasure is pleasure. Our maker gave us the gift to feel, sex is joyous and part of our happiness as human beings. Why must we turn it around and make it something dirty?
We claim God does not make mistakes, we as Christians, want everyone to be perfect. That is what we strive for. What makes us think that God wants us to be perfect and free of sins? To be human is to make mistakes, we grow from our experiences, and that is what makes us unique as a species. The puritans were kicked out of Europe for a reason. their holier than thou attitude is none realistic, and to tell you the truth, boring. Every culture has their utopia attitude, the 70 virgins reward system, creates an incentive that will lead to any kind of actions. The going to heaven versus hell will create all sorts of bigotry and judgment amongst people. Hello, Huston we have a problem. If we learned to accept one another for who we are, and stop worrying about that is having sex with who, I think we would be able to take care of the most critical world problems today, don’t you?
Now lets get technical, we say God does not make mistakes, alright, he doesn’t. But I say God makes variations to keep him self entertained and us for that matter. Let’s take a look at the varieties of life. Spinal Bifida, Cleft palate, Deaf, blind, autism, missing limbs, gender dysphoria, effeminate men, masculine woman, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, oh gosh I could go on forever. Why do you suppose God brought these beautiful and unique individuals to our lives? I believe we are here for a reason and you know what, how dare you question it or judge it in anyway. I am here to tell you as a transsexual man, a man who has walked in as both gender and who is at peace with himself, that you need to clean up your house and clean out your ears for you are getting God’s message all wrong.

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glamour unleash part 2

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Mark Angelo's Live performance

Performing Live at the Winter Party's Glamour Unleash 2007

Glamour Unleash at the Winter Party 2007

A night of glamour, fun and entertainment was held March 3rd at the Miami Beach Cinemateque, celebrating transgender diversity and acceptance. Mark Angelo and his lovely wife Violet. Stay tune for Marks performance.