Sunday, June 24, 2007

Showing my Pride

The hot sweaty bodies where everywhere in site, bears, smooth, flamboyant, young and old alike where strutting their stuff and showing their " Gay pride ". My wife and I where there showing our support and the fact that I identify as a bisexual/transsexual man and she a bisexual woman married to a transsexual guy made us feel right at home and welcomed. We walked with honor with the Equality of Florida holding sign in hand and saying our mantra: Make Florida great don't discriminate. Tobias Packer a fearless leader organized the troops and gathered many signatures for the petition, say no to the marriage act. Well any hoot here are some pictures of the event, I hope you were there, sweating as we were, downing gallons of water in attempt to rehydrate my sweaty, hairy body.

Friday, June 22, 2007

transsexual man in love with his wife

Vows are taken lightly, I wrote this song for my lovely wife, it's called Only You.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another Transsexual Discrimination

As usual we are either losing our jobs, being kicked out of our homes or losing a love one. Lets add a new one to the list, not being allowed to enter a contest with our true identity on a You Tube Contest called Speak New Words. Take a look at this video that explains it all.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Transsexual dilema

Love and Sex tend to be two very important factors in peoples life. To be lonely or alone is one of the most devastating moments humans en-dour. But I find that most people attract loneliness by pushing themselves into a lonely abyss. We cannot all be perfect 10, out going or the worlds greatest lover, but we can however, demonstrate a loving outward persona, that will attract those we long for.

I believe in the power of the mind, the law of attraction. You will get what you think and be surrounded with how you feel. I get asked many times, how did you find your wife? My answer is I imagined her, and I got exactly what I created in my mind.

I find most of my transsexual and transgender brothers and sisters are afraid of those around them, they are even afraid of themselves. Having little to know self confidence which they developed from those around them. I chose to end the victimization program and decided instead to take control of my life, my feelings and those around me. You can do that too, I guarantee it. Stop allowing the world to dictate your happiness. Take the bull by the horn and show them who is boss.

It may sound cocky and overly confident, but hey, I am happy and haven't had a lonely day in my life. You too can have that, I promise. Ask and you shall recieve, think and it shall materialize, do not settle for less, and stop being a victim. There is that special someone waiting to be swept off their feet by YOU...