Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another Transsexual Discrimination

As usual we are either losing our jobs, being kicked out of our homes or losing a love one. Lets add a new one to the list, not being allowed to enter a contest with our true identity on a You Tube Contest called Speak New Words. Take a look at this video that explains it all.


Heather said...

I have to agree with youtube on this one. As much as we both know that early education is key to acceptance and understanding I can see youtube's side on this. If they had said that your video could not be entered at all I could see your argument and would be pissed, but that is not the case. Ultimately it is up to the parents as to if and when they educate their children to TG related issues. Youtube has come up with a workable solution that still gets your video out there to share the message that you want to spread. I say make the alternative profile and get your video in the contest.

Mark Angelo Cummings said...

Dear Heather,

first of all it is not You Tube that is running the contest, You Tube is the vehicle being used, it is The American Students Fund who is. When they entered my channel and saw that I had a channel that had the word Transsexual, the sexual part caused them an issue. I obviously do not look "transsexual", but if I did, even if I entered with a channel not advertising who I was, they would have had a problem with it. If an MTF sort of like Steve Stanton wearing a wig, and still looking like a man would have entered they would not have allowed them to submit the entry, even if their channel did not mention the word transsexual. You are missing the point, I hear it loud and clear, I am not going to go in to a competition that is hypocritical. They are saying one thing, "speak new words", right, they are discriminating against, sexuality, even though transsexuality has nothing to do with sexuality, but they don't know that. It is the principle of the matter, I wrote the song thinking these people were sincere, they are full of shit, it is another Christian run organization who are bigots.


Mark Angelo

Butch Lesbian (anti-testosterone) said...

I think the gay community should have EVERY RIGHT to dissociate from people so screwed-up that they think looks and behavior determine sex, and that synthetic hormones make you just like a person born with the opposite type of gonads. I am 29 and DO NOT need synthetic male hormones in order to feel "comfortable in my own skin." The brave dare to change the WORLD, not THEMSELVES!!! I would much rather be a WHOLE WOMAN than a counterfeit "male" and wouldn't date one if "he" were the last person on Earth!!! We need more STRONG, BUTCH WOMEN, not hormone-created "men!"

Mark Angelo Cummings said...

peace be with you, I wish you healing.