Sunday, June 24, 2007

Showing my Pride

The hot sweaty bodies where everywhere in site, bears, smooth, flamboyant, young and old alike where strutting their stuff and showing their " Gay pride ". My wife and I where there showing our support and the fact that I identify as a bisexual/transsexual man and she a bisexual woman married to a transsexual guy made us feel right at home and welcomed. We walked with honor with the Equality of Florida holding sign in hand and saying our mantra: Make Florida great don't discriminate. Tobias Packer a fearless leader organized the troops and gathered many signatures for the petition, say no to the marriage act. Well any hoot here are some pictures of the event, I hope you were there, sweating as we were, downing gallons of water in attempt to rehydrate my sweaty, hairy body.

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