Monday, August 06, 2007

A Town Hall Dialogue on Transgender Issues

Mark Angelo Cummings and Susan Stanton

Friday August 3rd 2007
GLCC South Florida

My wife and I decided to attend the Equality for All meeting after receiving an email and invitation to partake in the event. It was Friday night and since we do not go out often, we figured lets support our local organization and off we went.
I was impressed by the turn out and the friendly faces around me. It was incredible to see so many transsexual brothers and sisters in one room along with love ones and supporters. Tracee McDaniel the Executive Director and Founder of Juxtaposed Center of Transformation, Moderated the meeting, held by The Human Rights Campaign along with several co sponsors that night. Susan Stanton was very elegant and well spoken as usual, by her side was Blue, a young transgender advocate who also served as one of the speaker in the panel.

Many topics were covered to include a brief education on what it meant to be transgender and how we suffer from discrimination. The main topic was how the federal law currently provides only limited protection to transgender people and how we need to change that. There were plenty of political figures in the house, sometimes I wonder if they really care or are they there to get our votes. But in the long run, as much as I hate politics it's a necessary evil to get things accomplished. Overall, it was a great meeting and I felt good at the end, I think we are heading for better times and we will get our civil rights. As transsexuals we need to be heard and not hide so we can make changes not only for ourselves but for the future generation.

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