Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Response to comments from Tranny Regret in the New Timess Article

I feel transsexuality in general has many characteristics and individuality, including behaviors, which Michael exhibited. For starters the isolation, stealthy, self loathing, along with the intolerance of our world, that we experience, creates many psychosocial disorders in the transsexual individual. I know many MTF's who correlate becoming a woman with shopping, buying expensive shoes, and over indulging in surgery. Most transsexuals experience obsessive compulsive behaviors to include FTM's. In my research, I have notice that transsexuals have many neurological issues all byproducts of the hormonal bathing that took place in utero. I was interviewed by Ashley, the reporter in the article, because she wanted my intake on the situation. I was very appalled by the religious group who intervened and took it upon themselves to be judge and jury, and played head games with someone who already had issues. I suggested legal intervention for they should be held responsible for their actions. I have read many comments regarding Michael online and on other forums, and I feel that people are being unfair and judgmental. There are no manuals that clearly dictates who is transsexual or not. Being subject to a continuum, transsexuality is clearly not black or white, but has many shades of grey.

Transsexuaity is subject to hormonal bathing, genetic structures, receptors and timing. Some individuals can go back and forth with their identity, yet this doesn’t make them any less of a transsexual than someone who knows there is no turning back. Our society basis everything on labels, and this is where we get ourselves in trouble. Nature has no black or white, humans are the ones that find the need to place people in boxes and place labels on them. I hope Michael gets the help he needs, and I also hope that his transgender brothers and sisters stop tearing him down. We need to remember that our roads have not always been easy, that we too have dealt with situations that were not always perfect. Some of us have had an angel on our shoulder helping us every step of the way, while others have had to go at it alone and with much difficulties. Let's take Michael's life and learn from it, instead of sensationalizing it like the media most often does.

I dream of one day where the world will finally break free from labels, where minorities will unite instead of tear each other down, were we will learn that it doesn’t matter the color of our skin, the gender we identify as or who we decide to sleep with. Instead we will see that we are all connected, one big macro organism that are here to make each others journey more pleasant and not distasteful.

Peace to all

Mark Angelo

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fearful Americans: In Disbelief We Are A Dying Nation

The fall of the Roman empire must have come to a surprise for many, how could such a powerful empire crumble down to it's knees? Simple, greed and the power hungry individuals that tipped the scale to the farthest point, will have history repeat itself. Our country once known as a proud and gleaming institution, we once shined as the stars on our flags, is now dim, and barely a dull glimmer of hope, shines our way.

What happened, how did the tables turn? Where did we go wrong? Let me take you back, the year 1963, a man who was filled with hope and inspiration, wanting to do great things for his country, was silenced forever. This man believed in freedom equality, peace and justice for all. Those responsible for his death and the turn of our nation, benefit from war, inequality, creating division amongst all that walk our country, so they can conquer and rule the world..

The federal reserve, having nothing to do with the government, instead a private institution, run by the most wealthiest of men, the independent bankers that control our world, you heard right, have ruined our great nation, and our the ones running the USA. So you think it is our incompetent President, President Bush, who has mastered mind all of the catastrophes we see before us. He is barely capable of putting two intellectual words together never mind, running 50 States and creating such chaos.

He was chosen by these cartel, because he fits the part, the leading role of the grand play, "Fearful Americans" He would be the one who would lead us to war, and blame, the camel riding, rug praying Biladin, so we would be angered and willing to go into battle. We must be patriotic, and support our great President, after all we have much to fear, the Terrorists are ready to terrorize us all in a heart beat. In addition he will convince the Evangelicals that he was re born and his old drinking ways were now things of the past, because he found the lost Jesus. The Evangelicals as nieve as the rest of us, embraced him, and funded his campaign, along with the independent bankers, who proved to be fruitful, even though he technically lost. It is amazing how money can buy you power and how an election could be swayed; how people can be lead to believe that our government is looking out for their best interest, even when all the signs point to foul play. But I guess just as the Christians believed there was a Jesus, and blindly listen to a book that has been tainted through out history, the people want to believe that our government will do right by all. If I have learned anything in the past couple of years, that the only God our government and it's surrounding people pray to, is the dollar bill.

With the elite going into places like Bohemian Grove, part of the Bohemian Club and the Skull and Bone Society, these men who belong to these exclusive clubs which have been linked to child pornography, Satanic Rituals, and world domination are the ones running our country. I suggest you research these things, and watch a film which made an impact on my life, called Zeitgeist. We are heading for rough times, we have been enslaved, and lied to by those who claim to be on our side. Power, money and greed have destroyed many empires in the past, what makes us think we are inoculated from it ever happening again.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Transsexuality it's all about the Hormones

There is a curiosity as well as avulsion with transsexual people. The lack of information and the religious imposed guilt trip: "God doesn't make mistakes" can lead to the animosity towards us. I created this video to help answer many of your questions and I didnt hold back. This is just the beginning of the series I will create. I will have the videos available for download on my LULU account: