Friday, February 20, 2009

Some recent pictures

Being off T for a year created many changes on my physique, changes I was not happy with. I lost the majority of my body hair, muscles and I had lost me.

People are not aware of the importance of hormones, they are everything and I can honestly say they are. I had lost my sex drive and my appetite for life, I don't know what I was thinking. Well any how I feel like I am going through yet another puberty stage. I am starting to get the pimples and everything that comes along with it. I guess I would safely say that I am the first person or one of few who has had three puberty stages in their life.

I am happy that my sex drive is back, my muscles and most of all me. Balance is a beautiful thing.

Back On Testosterone after a year off

Hey guys, it's been a while since I have blogged and wanted to update you on a few things. My spiritual quest has allowed me to grow as an individual but I had neglected my physical side. One of the things I learned during my quest is that balance in needed with everything. So needless to say I am back on Testosterone and feeling better than ever. I had lost over 25 pounds of muscle in the year I was off T, and I was starting to see some female features coming back on my frame, so needless to say that freaked me out and I am now working endlessly to get my body back and better than ever. I will be posting pictures and keeping you guys updated on my progress.

I plan to put on lots of muscle and size and this I will accomplish with a solid work out routine, nutritional plan as well as my hormones. So feel free to write me with any questions or concerns:

one year off T
1 month on T 2/29/09