Thursday, March 19, 2009

Divinity, who died and made them boss?

In God's Image

We are constantly told that we have created an abomination and how dare we change what God made? Well God gave us brains, did he/she not? Provided us with the intelligence to heal ourselves and each other. We on the other hand have chosen to destroy and mock each other, instead of loving each other as he/she intended us to do. Here is a video I made for a Catholic priest who asked me to say how I felt.

Respnse from the soon to be priest:

Hi Mark

Thank you so much for putting your thoughts together like that, I promise that I will show it.
I really do hope that you have never fallen victim to any form of bullying or disrespect from anyone, but especially from any Christian ministers.
Human beings can't help to fear what they don't understand, and sometimes people, particulary with people in positions of power, can't cope with that fear and so it turns to hate, it turns to violence and it turns to pain. And that, of course, is wrong.
Thank God for people like you though Mark who are doing your best to enable people to understand the whole issue of gender dysphoria.
Little by little, step by step, hopefully people will come to understand it and come to see it from a transgenders experience.

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