Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The album cover has been created plus check out a new song I wrote

She works so hard for a living, her fingers bleed right thru the bone, and she has no one except her grieving, the years pass by and shes all alone. No one to care, no cards or letters, the rags and pain is all she knows. Ill take the time to make things better and share her story with this A song.

This ones for you the one without a name, this songs for you I hope you still remain true to yourself, your truth is all you claim this is your song. Dont you despair your life is not in vein, there are many out there whose life youve helped change stay true to yourself and know that soon one day youll be with him.

She wipes her forehead while she whimpers, this life has been so hard and cruel, she understands this is her calling, but only hopes it will end soon. The nights she spends in front of the mirror, the wrinkles grow without relief, the years have flown but she still misses him, when will she heal shell never know.
She blames herself for not enjoying the greatest years she ever knew, he was the best thing in her life time her work possessed her through and through. He became ill and while she traveled, he lost his life to a disease, she now regrets not have enjoyed him, her work consumed her every need.

Love to all of you, every single one of you

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