Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Check out my latest interview and album review

I have worked very hard in making this album, so when I read something as refreshing as this, it makes me feel good. Thank you Armando for the wonderful Review

"Mark writes and sings his own songs. The title track and wake up call, "Enslaved"
is my favorite song, with "It’s Been A While" a very close second, as it seems to
be the story of my love life. Even as a man I also felt touched by the bittersweet
track “Little Glass Princess”, how insecurity can be born from the
environment around you and eventually became your own
prison. “Love Only Knows Love” carries a happy go lucky tune,
with a very intense straightforward message about the
indefinable and endless boundaries of love.
Throw in the affected vocals of “No One Will Be Coming”, whose lyrics combine elements of George Orwell’s 1984, alien enslavement, and the Book of Revelations. Each song, however, has a place of its own. "

Mr. Mark Angelo has given us an album that begs to be listened to over and over
again. It’s especially a great cruising CD, you know those nice long “I feel like
thinking” drives. Each time you listen to it, you might just pick up another sound or another lyric you may have missed before, and that's what puts the pieces of this
album together.

It is impossible not to recognize a rising artistic talent in Mark Angelo. I find with all the renewed over-saturation in many of today’s musicians, very few of them actually display a mastery of craft, and even fewer of those actually have something to “truly” say. Mark clearly possesses both - the music just reaches through the ears and grips a hungry mind. This is a great record - and one of the only albums I would feel comfortable recommending to anyone, regardless of their taste".

-Armando Diaz Jr
Ambiente Magazine Feature Writer

Much Love

Mark Angelo

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