Saturday, April 10, 2010

Getting ready for the Show

Well it's Saturday morning and I am finally getting over this sinus infection from another dimension, never in my 45 years of age have I had to deal with such a monster. I contribute it to the added stress and excitement of making my CD and all the commotion around it. In addition the mold that has been lingering in my apartment has not helped, that's what you get for living near the water. Well thanks to two dear friends that recommended some natural alternatives, seeing that I don't do the medical thing, I am finally starting to feel better.

Oil of Oregano and Cats Claw are the two most magical herbs ever, and serve as a natural form of antibiotics, and cure all that I have ever seen. Needless to say, I was starting to worry since my voice was being affected as was my every day walking life. Whew, that was a close one. The oil of oregano is taken in a few drop mixed with either honey or olive oil taken orally, I also gargle with it using 2 drops in warm water, in addition, I put some in my ears with olive oil, I did everything except bath in it. If you are going to use this be mindful it is very strong, and I suggest you read up on it first. The cats claw came in an extract and you diluted with water, directions to be followed on bottle. Cats claw is a great anti inflammatory, helps with everything from getting rid of Candida, parasites, decrease tumor growths, and helps with building your immune system, another great marvel of mother nature.

Well now that I can worry less about my health which hasn't been to good lately, I can now start enjoying the ride of becoming a rising star and enjoying the relationship between my fans and I. I can't wait to start touring and having fun with those that I care dearly about, which is you. I write, sing, perform and do what I do for you. Thursday is approaching fast, and I am so excited and thrilled to be able to perform the songs on the album Enslaved and many more of my works. Don't forget to tune in Thursday morning on channel 39 WSFL around 6:30 am give or take, I will be on there for a few minutes promoting the show and singing with my acoustic guitar. Well feel free to drop me a line, and hope I get to see you at the Museum of Art.

Life is what we make it, we are the creators of our Universe. We have been given many gifts we just have forgotten how to use them. Unconditional Love is the key to unlock the chains of Enslavement we have been under, fly my precious doves and now you are loved.

Mark Angelo

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