Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here is to your health

I often ponder why have we gotten so far from our roots and have steered so far from our natural path? When I attempt to shop at a regular store thinking maybe I will find some good quality fruits or veggies but every single time I get disappointed at the price, lack of variety and poor quality. Yes, it's amazing how none of the so call chain stores such as Winn Dixie, Publix or Walmart have Heirloom varieties of real not that genetically modified or hybridized, foods.

I have made it my quest to help educate anyone that wants to listen about the importance of buying good quality organic locally grown fruits and veggies, and to help them realize that food is our medicine. We need to place more importance in our health, forget the vanity, the gadgets and the rat race and start taking care of you.

I hear all sorts of excuses from people who say they can't eat healthy, some say they are picky eater, claiming they don't like fruits or veggies, others think eating healthy is boring and I say could that be because they have never really tried quality fruits and veggies? All they are use to eating is none food items placed in a box, jar or packet that has been radiated, filled with preservatives, additives, and stripped down to nothing, then fortified with artificial crap labeled and shipped all across the world for their consumption, that's not food that is pure poison which has destroyed their taste buds and now they don't even know what real food is suppose to taste like.

Here are a few pics of the foods I eat. I eat a lot of fruits a good 7 to 8 pounds worth, I also eat plenty of tender leafy greens, I consume an average of 2000 plus calories a day and I am now weighing 107 pounds from 147. I don't count calories, in fact I have to always focus on eating a lot because fruits fill you up and don't have so much calories but they are packed with nutrients and flavor.

Change your life, eat foods that are alive, raw and real and you will see a change in your life.

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Peace, Love and Wisdom

Mark Angelo

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