Saturday, April 02, 2011

The inevitable

With the rising cost of food, toxic food supply and the globalization led by the ruling elite, mankind will have to return to it's roots and become one with his nature. I know, I know we are to comfortable and use to our toys, however when there isn't a choice, and their won't be you have no other alternative than to learn how to grow your own food and forage what mother earth provides. Did you know that in your own back yard you have weeds that have tremendous amounts of nutrients in them? For Instance dandelion and clover are extremely loaded with vitamins and minerals and as long as they are not sprayed with toxins you can enjoy them on your salad or juice them with your morning green juice. What you don't know what a green juice is? Okay, okay I know all you are use to is the bottle stuff that is loaded with preservative and additive which is actually bad for your health, but the home made version using Jack la Lane Juicer, may he rest in peace, or any juicer will do, it is easy and actually very nutritious for you. You can add celery, cucumber, carrots, cilantro, hot pepper (optional for increasing your metabolism) 1 orange or 1 apple to add a bit of sweetness, and add your wild weed, no not the one against law, but dandelion or clover and drink immediately. This stuff will wake up a zombie and it will help you get healthier by the minute. Now because big bad FDA has us by the dangling ones we can't say anything that is not prescribed by a man in a white coat who is programmed by big Pharma, will cure you, so let us say that drinking green juices and eating raw fruits and veggies will keep you away from the man in the white coat and ingesting those side effect pills that they love to advertise. So why not add more greens into your machine and watch your health improve. Here are some of my latest videos of me and my new girls, my fruit trees. Enjoy and have a health and loving day.

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