Friday, June 14, 2013

Transgender Love

Here is our interview on Taboo on National Geographic

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Anonymous said...

well i for one have lots of comments! lol! i can't believe i'm the first to have something to say ...well people are strange. i've always felt like some kind of 3rd sex...i have absolutely no preference for a male or a female and have been with several gendered people both physically/sexually and friendships/romances...i am not straight, gay, lesbian, bi, or hetero, i am i guess pansexual. dont get me wrong i love breasts, chests, muscles, lean soft limbs, hairy bodies and smooth, long hair and none, penises and testicles, vaginas and small lips, full lips and beards and smooth cheeks and everything....etc etc etc! but all the bits and parts we have are just a bonus to me. i can get off on any body type if i am attracted to the personality and soul of an individual. i like little cocks, big ones, tiny raisin nipples and big doorknobs! lol i even like minidick/large clits! lol! it is so wonderful all the combinations and variety in this world and i love how no matter what you're born with, it can all be made to feel good. i've never really understood why most of society doesn't accept my sex/sexuality/lack of preference ...maybe it's been easy for me in a way because i have ended up in long term relationships with mostly men, mostly straight men. but i've been with many bi men,. a couple ftm's and many women, some lesbian some bi some straight! indeed. i get a kick out of it when viewers ask me how can a straight man have sex with another man and still be straight? because they enjoyed being with another man sexually doesn't mean they are gay neccessarily. it's the same in every sexual/romantic relationship...the sex is secondary. at least to me it is. i'm sorry for yall's break up being so painful, but at least yall had some damn good times together.that's all we can hope for, is to love the one we're with... like Janis Joplin said (bisexual btw she was). much much love! Madame Amrita