Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Miracles do happen

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Holidays bitter sweet

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Who Are We Really?

We are told from the time we are born that we must be good or we will go to hell. We are programmed with so many fallacies all instilling fear and pushing us away from who we really are. Now I am not going to badger your beliefs or any Religion per say, but what I am going to do here is to get you to think for yourself, to think outside the box most of you live in.

Let me ask you, your faith, is that something you sought out on your own, or was that something that was handed down to you? The way you dress, eat, feel and think, how much of you is that? TV, parental and societal influences may be the source of your likes and dislikes and you many not even know it.

Have you ever asked yourself, who are you? Not what you do for a living, or how many kids you've brought into this world, or how much money you make, but who you are deep inside? What do you like or dislike, do you even know? I can guarantee that most of you walk around in life like robots, programmed to say and think what others have implanted in your brain.

I want you to take the time everyday, and ask yourself, am I where I want to be, am I with who I wish to be and do I feel complete? If you have doubts, write them down, analyze the why. Visualize the world you want to live in, do this every night before going to bed. It is time to discover who you are.

If you need a spiritual guide, someone that can help you discover your true divine path, then please contact me.

I Love you, but remember to Love yourself too.

Mark Angelo Cummings

Time to heal

Silver City Farmers Market.

Silver City Farmers Market.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Displaying Pride In Who We Are

Many are battling within, this is clearly being demonstrated by the actual drama that is unfolding in our community. They call people who don't see them how they wish to be seen Transphobic, but in reality, they are the ones who are. Think for a minute why you were born this way, no coincidence, you have been given a gift and you are throwing it away.
Trans Pride all the way Mark Angelo Cummings

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happiness Starts Within

Many people try to blame their unhappiness on the ever changing status in their life. The norm is to think or say, when I get this, or when I reach this and that level then I will be happy. Well guess what you can get run over by a bus, and never reach your goals, therefore never having reached true happiness. Your mind is a very powerful tool, it can work with you or against you. When you base your happiness on outside things, or goals, you miss the opportunity of enjoying the now. The now is all we have, and to be happy with who you are right now and with what you have is true bliss.

Monday, February 24, 2014


As of this Friday, Jessica and I will be hitting the road on our 1998 Damon Challenger, we will be heading North of Florida waiting for the grueling winter to end, then we will be heading towards North East coast  where we plan to connect with as many Face Book friends as possible. We will be filming our journey and placing it on our Blog Transgendy er Highway

Please check often to see our whereabouts, we are planning to head South West afterwards and enjoy every bit of this great adventure. We will be interviewing individuals on location, explore our music and much, much more.

So stay tune.

We love you but remember to love yourselves too.

Mark and Jess

Monday, February 03, 2014

Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, so there I said, I am a Tranny, there is nothing wrong with that get over youselves.

"The taking over of our community by the political minded, boxed in, judgmental and overly controlling person that feels that their voices are the only ones that need to be heard, needs to stop. To be Trans means many things to many people. Some are okay with their two spirited nature, others are just gender queer, then there are those that feel that the gender they transitioned to is the only one that matters and kill, bury and erase any trace of their past. To be Trans can be considered a curse to many, but can you blame them, because of being trans they have received nothing but hatred, abandonment and hurt. Yet, there is room for growth and forgiveness, being trapped in anger, self pity and depression will only lead you to your grave. I feel that as a community the only way we will get ahead is by respecting each others views, agree to disagree if that is the only option and what it will take to get ahead, but don't tell me that if I use the word Tranny, that I am in the wrong, don't tell me how to identify myself, stop pushing your close mind filled with fear, remorse and hatred toward the general public, because you can't deal with who you are. There are many of us that feel that being Trans is a gift, we are not angry, we have evolved beyond the boxes that society tries to place us in, we are happy living our lives educating the world about the differences that exist in this big blue planet. You think that with all your political baggage, your policing of what society does with the information they receive regarding our kind, you are going to make anything better? Think again, you are creating enemies, pushing our allies away, being seen as an angry mob with issues that go beyond your gender identity. You will create animosity between us and the outside world. Think real hard and long, and stop what you are doing, for it is not becoming, nor is it productive in any way. Get over yourselves, your self deserving attitude, the world and the people in it owes you nothing"". Mark Angelo Cummings

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Transition or evolution?

We are the new of the old, we are returning to who we where from the start. Two spirited, one in one, returning to our true nature. Many may not understand this statement but go deep with in to find your answers. Humanity will need to learn that gender is only but a form of separation and division, and that we are both, just look at the initial beginning inside the one place we all began in, our genitals were none defined. Men have nipples, the testes began as ovaries. It is deeper than most care to imagine.

Let us realize that there is something happening in our world, and if don't listen and continue to fight one another, we will be doomed.

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Much Love

Mark Angelo and Jessica Lynn