Saturday, May 30, 2015

Frankentein or Man?

In the quest to live a fantasy, a once beautiful girl has destroyed every aspect of beauty and reality that made her, her. Many say, I was never female, but who and what gives you the right to say what you were not? You mother carried you 9 months in her wound, they named you, loved you, and provided for you through out the years. You were special, different, a you that cannot be duplicated in a trillion life times. Yet, on a whim, your mind after seeing something that you thought was you, you heard someone say one day, have you thought about being a man? You read countless of testimonials on line, watch countless of you tube videos where these once beautiful women, are now these erroneous "men".  

You have destroyed your body, are infected with a hormone that does not belong in your veins, you have lost all touch with reality, your feelings now buried deep in the abyss and sand, no where to be found, only your fantasy is loud and profound. I beg you to wake up and realize what you have done, stop this madness from taking place, don't let the children live this disgrace. Do the right thing, wake up from this awful dream, and return to your roots, be part of the solution and do not continue these horrible delusions.

The disease that has taken over your mind will destroy your soul and body, stop while you still can, make peace with who you are, stop tearing up your life and thinking that this is happiness, the quest is eating you up, tearing you down and destroying you from the inside out. You are who you are, we can't ever change that.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Trans Mafia Silences Everyone While Pushing Their Agenda

It's pretty sad to see what is happening around us. The oppressed seems to have the upper hand while calling everyone that disagrees with them Transphobe, haters and murderers.  People who do not go along with their narrative are being shamed and ostracized, especially those in the medical community.

Well guess what I am calling their bluff and I am encouraging everyone to speak up. The time is now for those who do not agree with the trans narrative to let their voices be heard, don't be afraid or let these individuals intimidate you, they are disgruntled humans, who are very brave behind a keyboard, but lack the courage to live their lives as their true self. Yes that's right, they throw around their drama, talking about suicide and bully their way into politics and try to make everyone else feel like they are the bad guys, while the bad guys are actually them.

These trans females with money and influence have managed to control WPATH while creating the rules of transitioning and are using children to push their agenda while creating the picture of the sweet innocent child vs the old fetish, autogynephelliac model.   They are calculated and very narcissistic.

According to Margaret Wente from the Globe and Mail,  The new rush to turn little Jason into Janey, or Sally into Sam, is generally regarded (in the media, at least) as progress – proof of what a tolerant and progressive society we’ve become. But what if it’s just another fad? What if the radical step of changing genders isn’t always the right answer for a child’s emotional distress – especially when that child is only 10 or 6, or 3?

They are programming the public to believe that transgenderism is the new normal and if you go against it you are deemed a hater and transphobe, what a notion. According to Dr. Bradley these children have significant illness, suffering from anxiety and other serious traumas, which are being ignored and instead the least of their problems gender dysphoria is being placed in front of the line.

These medical providers who are being cautious and are looking at the bigger picture are not being heard, instead they are being pushed aside. There needs to be a voice of reason, we need to stop this madness before it's too late.  Under the pressure to be politically correct we are ignoring facts and letting the loud mouth activists intimidate us all. I say let us stand up against these monsters who are only thinking about themselves and sacrificing our children. The time for change is now.