Saturday, May 30, 2015

Frankentein or Man?

In the quest to live a fantasy, a once beautiful girl has destroyed every aspect of beauty and reality that made her, her. Many say, I was never female, but who and what gives you the right to say what you were not? You mother carried you 9 months in her wound, they named you, loved you, and provided for you through out the years. You were special, different, a you that cannot be duplicated in a trillion life times. Yet, on a whim, your mind after seeing something that you thought was you, you heard someone say one day, have you thought about being a man? You read countless of testimonials on line, watch countless of you tube videos where these once beautiful women, are now these erroneous "men".  

You have destroyed your body, are infected with a hormone that does not belong in your veins, you have lost all touch with reality, your feelings now buried deep in the abyss and sand, no where to be found, only your fantasy is loud and profound. I beg you to wake up and realize what you have done, stop this madness from taking place, don't let the children live this disgrace. Do the right thing, wake up from this awful dream, and return to your roots, be part of the solution and do not continue these horrible delusions.

The disease that has taken over your mind will destroy your soul and body, stop while you still can, make peace with who you are, stop tearing up your life and thinking that this is happiness, the quest is eating you up, tearing you down and destroying you from the inside out. You are who you are, we can't ever change that.

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