Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lynna's Life Grateful At The Top

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Who Can You Trust?

As of late it has become extremely hard to know who are friends or foes actually are. Ever since we have been on this Truth Campaign the many emails to include positive as well as negative have been flooding my in box. One of the things I have noticed is that every group wants to control what we say and how we say it. So much so that one of the parents of a gender critical teen created a false identity on you tube to engage with Lynna and I negatively. She since has removed the channel after I investigated and found out who she was. Here are the screen grabs that I wanted to share. Let it be know we will not tolerate deceit and you will be exposed. I will not expose her true name because she has a teen that she is dealing with and I know how hard it must be.

What hurts me is that I trusted this person and spend much time interacting on line with her. I hope her pain lessens and hope that her child sees the light.

Please realize that we are all different and have different techniques on how we bring forth a message, yours is not to judge us. If you can't be by our side, then please get out of our way.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why Believe The Liars?

Andrea James as well as many autogynephellic men are in constant need of twisting truth to get their point and agenda across. Why would anyone believe these chronic liars as they use the faces of innocence to get their message acrosss. Andrea paved the way for facial reconstruction on men to look like women, he was arrested for posting stolen pictures of Dr. Michael Bailey's 9 year old daughter with obscene captions and claimed the girl deserved it.

Having been the target of these self serving individuals via threats, foul language and lies, I can't understand how they would even have any clout when they speak or write. Everything based around them is filled with vitriol, hate and lies.  The latest attempt to transition children is the claim that reparative therapy led to the death of Leelah Alcorn when in fact, what led to his suicide was the pressure from these Trans gestapos pushing their trans agenda all over the map. There straw man arguments are not only ludicrous but filled with gaps.

These individuals tactics includes digging information, downloading pictures placing captions full of lies and offensive wording all to try to discredit the truth being spread. Sending death threats and vulgar language use to try to intimidate the person is just one of the many tactics these violent men use. All techniques that not only show the lack of professionalism in their approach, but showing how really messed up they truly are, and if anyone is to be charged with phobic behavior, is them.

These Trans activists need to be stopped dead on their tracks, and no longer allowed to intimidate those that do not agree with their trans narratives and lies.

Andrea who are these experts you claim deem reparative therapy unethical? Possibly those pushing drugs and procedures? There is a trans mafia on the horizon, pushing and brain washing the population to believe these autogynephilles and their lies.

Just like a political campaign is filled with dirty laundry and thought out demeaning lies, these men will stop at nothing to push their Trans agenda and will destroy or attempt to, anyone that gets in their way. I say let us stand up against these individuals and stop these needless transing of our children.

On A Creepier Note


Can someone tell me what is the fascination with rabbits and trans females are all about? I have found these disturbing pictures on the pages of several trans women, and can't help but correlate sexual fetishes and mental disturbance with them.

These pictures were found on Rachael Michele Hilgerts FB page

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Fall And Climb/The Mark & Lynna Story

Finding Self

I believe as humans, we are always growing and changing, those that do not are in a perpetual state of nothingness. Whenever we believe we are done growing somehow we are saying that we have lost our drive to change and grow.

One of the reasons I denounced being transgender was the confusion and lack of construct in the word and community. Therefore I had to recreate and find my true self. In that search I found that I cannot and will never be placed in any type of box, including a gender box, Why? Because I am more than a couple of words slapped together by someone who thinks they know me. I am bigger than the word transgender, or Cis female, or Trans man. I cannot be explained nor be understood therefore, I am that I am, and forever will be changing and growing.

I hope to help end this fight we see amongst all the different groups and political agendas that divide us all and keep us fighting with one another. If we could just learn to respect and understand each others pain, and go a step further as to support one another, I believe we would solve the many problems we are faced with.

Now I still hold true many of my core beliefs, such as a man can not be a woman, nor can a woman be a man. We can easily express our selves and lead our lives in ways that finds us happiness, but when we create a political fight against others to prove we are something we are not, that is when the danger begins. Let us educate one another, let us understand while using a gentler approach to the matter.

In the mean time, I am still reinventing myself and I am so ever excited for what the future holds. I am a unicorn, I am a hybrid, and what I am cannot be boxed or bottled.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

What Does De Transitioning Mean To Me?

From the moment we sailed out to advocate against dangerous blockers for Children, we have been asked if we were going to de transition? At the time it seemed like the right thing to do so we could provide a strong message, however, who was I kidding? After 12 years of being on hormones, my changes are permanent, I have no ovaries therefore I can't produce my own hormones and to shift gear on this body is only placing my own health in danger. I noticed fatigue, I was losing weight very rapidly, had no sex drive and was starting to feel very depressed.  I looked in the mirror and was not happy with what I was seeing. Don't get me wrong, Maritza is alive and well in me, I am her and will forever be. I will always stand up for my sisters and help fight their battle, I am woman, here me roar, yet I am also Mark and I can't erase neither one of them, nor do I want to. I have created who I am today, not taking away from anyone or anything. I refuse to wear the label Trans, since many in this community have been mocking me and hurting me for being a different voice. In spite of it all, I still have trans identifying friends who have stock with us, and we love them dearly. Just because we have a different view, doesn't mean we can't be friends.

We never meant to hurt anyone, yet the attacks and counter attacks were flaring at speed. Anger and hate solves nothing. We still believe strongly in our views, but choose to go about things a different way. We want to be happy and continue to love one another as we do, and can't focus on the haters. Any way, it is sad that there is little to no information on de transitioning, and we still want to bring focus on this to help those who can return to their old self. Knowledge is golden and how can we learn if we don't question ourselves?

Sunday, June 07, 2015

De Transitioning Diary Fom The Ex Trans Man On A Mission First Month

So, I decided to blog my de transition, and create a guide for those who are planning to stop taking T, stop identifying as a man or trans man, and try to lead a semi normal life. I have tried to find information out there but have come out with blanks. I am debating if I should go on Estrogen for a while to try to bring back some normalcy since I have no ovaries or any other form of hormone production.

It has been almost one month since I stopped taking T, and today for the first time,  I did feel a bit tired during my run, I think this is normal since sex hormones do provide the oomph that is necessary for activities, and I have no ovaries to produce my own. Well lets see how this goes.  I will be posting information videos and such to help create a diary for those who want information regarding de transitioning. If any of you want to share your experiences, please feel free to comment. Note I screen all comments now due to the haters, but will get to the comments and the legit ones will be allowed.

 Here are the changes on my first month of De Transitioning:

  • Hair growth still strong on my body and face.
  • Voice still deep, but a bit raspy, difficulty singing, feels like voice will crack
  • Mild headaches and fatigue
  • I am more aware of my emotions, T numbed me.
  • Letting my hair grow on my head, disappointed bald spot, very self conscious 
  • Hate shaving and no longer find it pleasurable as I did before, really hate anything that is too manly on my body or appearance. I am trying to find a balance in self, and recreating my look and identity. 

I find the path to De Transitioning is much more difficult and less support than for Transitioning. 12 years ago, when I decided to transition there was not much information out there, well it seems the same goes no for the other path. The lack of support and hatred towards the community against de transitioners is over whelming, we hope to change this with time.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The Long Road Back Home

Hi Everyone,
I don't know where to begin here and some of you may not even care to read what I type here, but for those of you that do and are up to reading this, I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. So here goes...
First of all, I simply want to offer my sincerest apology. I hurt, confused, lied to, hid from, and used so many of you. I sincerely believed that I was justified in believing what I did was right. I lost my focus on reality a very long time ago and I nursed these thoughts as I grew older. I heard an old message from Andy Stanley that stuck with me because I am living proof of what was said and what he spoke about that day. I had plopped myself down on the couch after a long day at work and what he said resonated with me for some reason...
He mentioned that the devil is patient and waits sometimes a lifetime to get to some of us. He doesn't push himself onto us because he knows that he will scare us away or we will call his bluff, so he waits. A thought here, I lie there and over time he has dropped several chunks of things into our lives. He has been alive for millennia and knows the human race so well. He knows personality types, he knows what motivates us, our needs, our likes and our dislikes. He is no fool and actually has a carefully orchestrated plan for each and every individual. He also has lots of helpers, both seen and unseen to accomplish his goal. He doesn't play games and has been at this for a very long time.

In my case, my gender identity question started early, Satan was at work even as I was yet learning to spell my own name. I was only five and the thoughts of wanting to be a girl used to raid my innocent little mind. Maybe it was something that I saw on tv, maybe it was that I didn't feel like a bunch of the other boys in kindergarten, regardless, I was confused. I would pray to God to change me, but it never happened (it can't).
All of you know me, you know that I am a kind-hearted, soft-spoken, easy-going, and otherwise sweet individual. I am thankful that God created me with such a soft heart, such an ability to appreciate things and feel things that others would walk right by. I also have a very soft spirit. I am sensitive to the Holy Spirit in a way that many never experience. I don't say that to toot my horn or anything like that, I just know that this is how my God made me. Problem is that I was swayed into thinking that these could never possibly ever be manly characteristics. Boys are taught to be rough and tough, but then there was me, a sensitive little cry-baby.

I grew up knowing that I was like that, boys are to be emotionless and girls are the ones who show emotion. So I always had this pervading thought in the back of my mind that if I could have any wish, I would ask the genie to turn me into a female because this me that I certainly was not really me at all. I prayed to God to take away my thoughts, but wrestled again and again with these questions. I had no idea that this was a plan that was being carefully unraveled with evil intentions. The devil was engaged in getting me to believe the lie that I was in the wrong body. One lie, one suggestion, one image at a time. He knew that eventually he would get me to believe it so much so that I would be willing to lose it all to get it.

I crosdressed as a child and kept feeding the dream. I watched shows as I was home by myself in the summertime. I woke up and went to sleep with the tv on. So many shows, so many talk shows, sitcoms, movies. All working to influence me and working to lead me to my delusion. I thought that some day I could be what I loved. I wanted to see my self much differently. As I got older, the feelings got stronger and I acted out on it by raiding my older sister's closet as a teen. I would hear songs by female singers and imagined myself as they. I felt so guilty for having these thoughts and would routinely confess them away in private, but where could I go? I figured that the Lord and I could handle my thought life, the problem is that this lone ranger mentality does not work. Confessing a secret sin to someone never works either. I needed someone to come along side me and help me with the issues that I was dealing with.

The problem is that I hated everything about being a man. I still struggle with much of it. Nice guys always finish last is what I was seeing. Pretty girls liked bad boys. What would a pretty girl want anything to do with sweet me? I used to get the word sweet written on my yearbook all the time. I got so annoyed, but that was what people saw. Now I know that most women want to have a man who in sensitive, kind and thoughtful, not this bad boy who just stereotypes her as some sexual object. I had no idea, I just thought that I had been born a mistake. Why do I cry so easily God? Why do I think like this or that? So many questions from a questioning teen...

As I left for Bible college in late 1988 with my best friend John, I felt like I was past these questions, but Satan was never too far. During school I was able to put these thoughts and desires away because I was a guy and I really liked girls. Being away from home and in another state opened up my eyes and I was able to meet so many different people. I met one girl, dated and broke up and then found another that interested me and did the same. I put my transgender thoughts down and buried them in the past, but I never ever really dealt with them. The devil knew that and was happy to be ever so patient with me.

One night however, I was confronted with those hidden things. I had just come back from shooting a video in New Orleans and I was just really spiritually weak. I had gone to bed and something that had plagued me happened again that left me feeling helpless. A demonic spirit came into my dorm room and began to sit on top of me as I was sleeping. I had had encounters like these before because as a child I could see clear impressions of some thing on my bed when I would go to my bedroom. This was a lot like that, but now this entity took up the entire space of the room itself. I tried to open my mouth but it was as if I could not open my mouth from the abject fear that had overcome me. I proceeded to say, "in the name of Jesus, I rebuke you". It laughed at me and began to mock me by saying that I didn't even believe that. It continued to breathe heavily right into my face. I could feel that heat of the breaths on my now sweaty face. I drummed up all that I had in me in faith and finally yelled out, "in Jesus name and by His blood on the cross shed for me, I rebuke you Satan, get away from here!" Immediately, as if it were sucked out of my room by a powerful vacuum, the entity left my room. My best friend John heard my yelling and had been praying for me all of the time while I was being attacked. I ran through the bathroom that divided our rooms and with tear in my eyes, told him what had happened. I was a pile of tears and we hugged there for a while. He prayed over me and I felt better. Oh, if I had only confided in him these thoughts back then.

Afterwards, I went to get a drink of water out in the dorm room hallway and as I put my lip onto the stream of water coming from the fountain, I heard that entity speak yet again. It simply said, "Don't you ever forget, I know just how to get to you." I knew then and there exactly what it was talking about. There was no doubt in my mind. My gender identity issues were definitely the ways and means that the devil was going to try and destroy my life. Again though, it was my secret and my deal. God and I could handle this...

I married my college sweetheart in 1997, she was so innocent, kind and a real catch. Her gentle spirit coincided right with mine and oh did she ever have a heart for God. She was beautiful in every way. A very rare find and she was my gift. Her parents almost made that not possible. We had just come back from a wonderful mission trip to Hungary and Romania. God used us all in powerful ways those three weeks and we both were so grateful to have gone. The next thing to get finalized was our marriage which was scheduled for August of 1991. I went home to California and she went home to Minnesota. It was only a few weeks and I get a different kind of phone call from me fiancé. She was in tears and told me that her parents wanted to her to call the wedding off because there was something that they felt was wrong with me. They did not want their daughter to suffer in the future from marrying me. They knew, the Lord had revealed it to them. They didn't know what, but they knew that this would damage their daughter unmercifully. I hastily made a trip to Minnesota that same day.

Upon arriving, we met with her mom and dad and some close spiritual friends, they were probing me and asking me questions that lasted into the wee early hours of the morning. I finally confessed to them and everyone there, including her brothers and sister that I liked to crossdress, but apparently they did not think that this was my problem. I never told them the truth though. The truth was that I dreamed of becoming a woman someday. That was still between God and I, our little secret...

They cancelled our plans and two twenty-one year olds were devastated. I fought to get her back and by 1994, I proposed to her yet again and she said yes. Over time we were able to get her parent's blessing and in the spring of 1997, we were finally married. We, however struggled from day one, nothing of her doing whatsoever. She was perfect in every way and loved me with all her heart. I sang, "I Will Be Here" to her, but my secret was still hidden. That secret started to come out in the form of my constant desire to look up transgender/crossdressing stories on the internet. I fed my desires for years as I hid that from her. For me, it was never a pornographic obsession, it was simply a desire to see examples of people who actually were able to change their gender. I was obsessed and I could not get enough. Only a few months into our marriage, my wife discovered that I had been in contact with someone on the internet. She called me out on it and I told her that it wasn't what she thought, I was not cheating on her. I promised her that I would not talk to anyone online and she never asked me anything else. I was actually in a conversation with a transgender person in a tg chat room. I was fascinated and asking this person all kinds of questions. Again, Satan at work adding to his carefully constructed rock pile that he was designing for not only my destruction but for the destruction of my wife and our entire future family. Like I said, the devil is extremely patient...

I continued to entertain my thoughts and every time that I had an out of town job, I would use my off-hours to feed my obsession. This lasted for years and I would stop out of guilt, but then continue to do the same thing and read tg fiction months later. It just kept on gaining more and more momentum and continued to damage our marital relationship. She was not my love interest anymore, somewhere along the road, I had replaced her with me. She wondered what she could do to gain my interest again, but it was to no avail. She would literally go to bed in tears waiting for me to come to bed, but I was engrossed on my couch reading yet another account of a boy turned into a girl by her mom or a brother turned into a bridesmaid by her sister. I know, sick, some of you say, but I am willing to admit that this was my struggle. This was my burden to bear. I thought that I could eventually just take this to the grave with me. Satan however, had plans that were much more grand. He uses the weaknesses in our lives to carefully place them in a place where maximum impact can be achieved. If I only knew then that this was the hellish plans that he had ever so patiently been working out for decades. He waited until I had turned forty-one and had five kids. He then sprung his plan onto me.

In the fall of 2011, my wife had plans to have us all go visit her sister and family over in Joplin, Missouri over the Thanksgiving holidays. I knew that I had two days of work that had been scheduled and so I asked her to go by herself and take the kids. All of a sudden it hit me, I would be alone. I could see me for the first time. I could finally discover the me that I had hidden for so long. No need to read about it anymore, I could now be it. So I made my plans, I spent money on wigs, makeup, and clothing. I saw this person and was changed after that. It was now not enough to just read it, I had to be it. So I did just that. My wife discovered my secret and she tried to help me get out, but it was to no avail, I was in too deep. All of Satan's plans were now in full force, he hand gotten me to believe my lie. I was a woman and I would prove that fact to the world no matter what the cost. I figured that I needed to be honest with myself and I was going to finally be me. Other people would just have to deal with it.

So on November 11, 2013, I walked out the door of our home and into the rest of my life. She told me that if I started on hormone replacement therapy then I was not welcome back home again. I started HRT the next day and life has never been the same. This was the plan that Satan had and I fulfilled his plans completely. My wife lost her husband, my five kids lost their dad and for what??? To be something that I will never be able to be???
So now I come full circle, although after causing cataclysmic damage to my family and to those who loved me. I was involved in a horrific car accident that left me with three broken bones in my neck. I will never be the same and I am disabled for life. I have had time to reflect during my recovery and God brought a special woman into my life to restore me back to health both spiritually and physically. She has a similar story as mine.

She always felt like a very masculine girl but could equally be as feminine as any woman out there. One day, after becoming a successful business woman she was asked of she knew about female to male transsexuals. She was thirty-eight and lesbian, she had been sexually abused as a child and hated men. She responded by saying that she didn't know anything about it. Later on, she went to the internet to look up FTM and she immediately associated with being just that. Six months later she had removed her breasts and removed her reproductive organs and was on testosterone. She was now looking like a biological male and she became a fierce advocate for the trans community. She was on most major talk shows in the US and Latin America as the miracle woman turned into a man. She actually discovered Jazz Jennings who was embraced by the media as the innocent face of the transgender movement. She fought for twelve years to gain more acceptance and rights for the trans community. Then she met me...

I was left in an ICU in El Paso, Texas after my accident and she came to me. We had met only a few weeks before through a mutual friend who watched our YouTube channels. Our mutual friend suggested that I needed help and that we would be good for each other. For some reason, I packed up my Honda and headed down to seeing this person who went by the name Mark. It is also when I drove off of a high mountain pass in the evening of December 30, 2014. Upon impact with the first tree, I knew that I was not going to survive. I literally flew off of the highway and down a rocky mountainside and landed 300 feet or so later, not dead, but miraculously alive. I spent a freezing night down in the canyon and upon daylight I knew that God would rescue me. A series of miracles happened and I was cabled up and out of there. My life had now literally hit rock bottom. I had nothing and I was nothing. I was carefully airlifted to a trauma center in El Paso and was told that I would need to get life debilitating surgery to fuse my back to my now broken neck. I spoke with my ex-wife about it and she agreed that this was probably best, I was not at peace with that though. That is when she showed up...

She was looking like a he and was as cute as ever. I was drugged up and she brought me a teddy bear and lay it next to my motionless body. I was pretty paralyzed and she had no idea if I was going to survive, if I would be disabled in a wheelchair or what. She asked me if she wanted her to stay, I said yes, please. I fell in love with a woman that day, that is what I saw. She saw a man lying helpless there that day. I awoke in her that woman that she had buried and discarded and she helped me to see the wonderful man that I always was. I became her child at that point. You see, Maritza was never able to have a child of her own and she realized then that her love for me was now bringing up all of those nurturing qualities that come so naturally to women. I was her baby and she was going to make sure that I was going to recover. She immediately suggested that I not go under the knife. She had been an occupational therapist for years and had worked in the medical community. She knew that medicine is never the answer to health. She told me that health comes to the body when we let it heal itself. She helped me through the seven days at the hospital, she never left my side. We were discharged and she took me in. We moved to New Mexico where she had already been living. God was working on her heart and she could do nothing about it.

Here we are six months later and I am able to live my life without pain killers, I have lost a bunch of weight and have never been healthier in my life. I owe it all to Maritza to help me accept all of me, not just the part that I wanted to accept. I am so grateful and love her beyond words. A few weeks ago we heard about the plans that are being orchestrated by the medical community and the trans community to subvert our children.

We evidenced the rise of the transgender child and the legitimaization of giving these gender non-conforming kids puberty blocking drugs and eventually cross-sex hormones in order to allow them to be themselves. This is a flat out lie and an evil satanic plan to destroy lives from a very young age. Biology is unchangeable, this is just an absolute. Our kids are now targets for mass sterilization and a lifetime of confusion. Make no mistake, this is a diabolical plan that has been well thought out. The trans community knows that through the innocence of children they can normalize this behavior and make it more socially acceptable. Now, with Bruce Jenner coming out and the whole lid has been blown off. Bruce has revealed that autogenyphilia (the desire for man to look like a woman or to be a woman) has no limits. When one has wealth, they think that they can literally become what they have always loved. The love of self has multiplied itself to such a high degree that it knows no bounds. No man can ever become a woman or vice versa. Science will try to make that possible, but you can't mess with perfection.

Maritza and I renounce ever being transgender, we renounce the lie that the devil had sold us both, we renounce that we ever promoted this type of behavior and lifestyle. We seek to lay ourselves at the foot of the cross and ask God to restore to us what was stolen away from us. We promise to work tirelessly to rid this world of this transgender menace. We are committed to sparing children the agony of a life of confusion and instead offer them the hope in learning to love what God made them to be. We offer ourselves to be used in any way that Jesus seems fit to use us for His glory and for His glorious purpose. To teach mankind that God truly loves and cares for His creation and that we are truly perfect just the way that we are.

Thank You For Your Time,
Sincerely and Apologetically,
Paul & Maritza
We are presently trying to garner more support to get this redemptive message out to the masses and would love to share our story, counsel those that need help, and partner with anyone who wants to help turn the tide on this lie.
Please check out www.transitionradio.net or you can get a hold of Maritza at markangelocummings@gmail.com or myself at lopster01@gmail.com. We look forward to getting this message out to the masses.
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Monday, June 01, 2015

Truth Can't Be Hidden

It has become apparent to us that many in the trans community are not privy to information and are just being led by the medical community and their agenda. This  medical community who at first wanted nothing to do with us, are now seeing dollars signs and preparing the stage for amazing money making opportunities at the cost of our health.  We have done a lot of research regarding the initiative behind this agenda, and what we have found is not pretty. But because of us speaking out about it, we have been made part of a smear campaign, one of which my ex and vindictive trans girl friend is part of.

Lets look at some of the players involved  Errol C Mcinnes the founder of Trans inclusive movement (T-I-M-E).   Errol got involved in our smear campaign when we first started alerting people regarding the dangers of blockers and when we shared some information on my time line regarding Jazz Jennings. Well, he was just starting his little project and since he wanted to start it out with a bang he used our story in attempts to get some attention. Well as luck would have it, Errol is going out with Jocelyn Nichole Nickle who is friends with guess who? My disgruntled ex, yes it gets better. I don't know if any of you are tired about hearing the same story Jessica has been trying to spread about me on line since we broke up? He did the same thing the first time we broke up, but fails to mention his anger, manic depression, and violent nature that lead to these so called confrontations. Mind you, I am five feet four inches, born female, not violent or a fighter in nature. Never had a history of hitting anyone, married to a genetic female Violet Cummings for 10 years and never once had so much as a disagreement.  Jessica is five feet seven inches, a fighter and with skills that I could never posses in fighting. His ex wife and daughter feared him for the many wall holes he create from his usual frustration fiasco.

The altercations we have had in the past were started by his uncontrollable anger, frustration and tantrums, which led to us arguing on several occasions.  I think most know the violent nature of most trans women, so I don't have to really work hard here to paint the picture.  He claims in his cry for attention (watch her video) and to feel more like a "Woman", that I abused "her".  Abuse is when someone hits someone without any reason, self defense against a lunatic who flies off the handle without a warning (induced and fueled by Spiro and Estrogen), is not abuse.  We have had two incidents where he first struck me in the face, at a local gay bar, a place he would love to frequent to get the attention of men, and my glasses flew off my face, when in self defends I struck back, I informed everyone concerned of the altercation that "she" was actually a guy and things were left be. I did not go to jail that night although it happened in a public place, why, because people saw what happened?  She used this event the first time we broke up to black mail me and smear my name, yet 6 weeks later, came running back to "sugar daddy" me. Our last altercation happened in July of 2014 where we got into a disagreement and her usual trying to test his strength on me led to him gripping me by my head and neck where I could hardly breath. In trying to get him off me, his lip was caught by my bracelet which created a small cut. He took pictures of this lame cut and is what he is showing as abuse all over the net. No cops where called either times, so how can that be abuse? Trust me if he could have had me placed behind bars he would have, but he knew darn well that he would be the one behind bars, not I.


After dealing with his lack of interest in life but smoking cigarettes and being on Facebook, while I paid for everything,  I decided to call it quits, and ended the one way relationship while asking him to leave as soon as he could find a place to go. Well, he found someone on line, his next victim (a cross dresser who wanted him to live with his wife and him, in South Carolina)  he drove to meet his new side kick Vicky Love, in California, where they stayed there till they were going to head to the Carolinas. But things did not pan out for Jessica and she wanted to return to me, when I said no, I was dating someone at the time and wanted to see if things worked out between us. Needless to say her revenge began there, then when Lynna and I got together his rage and vindictive nature went up a notch.

You see Jessica is used to this kind of behavior working at a bar prostituting herself (till I got her out of that lifestyle) but because I got tired of being the work horse while he played "homemaker", and he claimed that I had promised to keep "her",  and would confront me by saying that I took his life away and independence instead of thanking me for all that I did.

Things began to change for the worse and our relationship went south and the rest is history. Any ways, I just wanted to clear the air with this, since all of her friends as well as her, keep trying to use this against me, yet, I have nothing to hide. So can we leave that behind already Jess?

Anyway back to Errol, it turns out he continues to create a smear campaign against us claiming that we are working with Nelson Garcia a convicted Pedophile whom we had no idea of his conviction or crime. We actually stumbled upon Nelson due to his tweeting about our videos and how he was trying to capture the attention of other media sources. I reached out and asked him if he was interested in writing an article about us, that simple? Errol and his new contributing writer Intellectual Blonde are spreading lies about us, yet he seems to forget that he himself has a criminal record and is a hacker, yet has the nerve to judge and spread lies.

There are many in the community who don't want us to expose what is going on. First, lets talk about WPATH the organization that is leading the Trans Agenda and their sponsors. Many of you are not aware that this organization is sponsored by lots of pharmaceuticals that are leading the campaign of sterilization on our children.

There are many who are fighting us and trying to shut us up, but guess what we won't. The community which I advocated for in the past, has had my sponsors removed, and are doing everything within their power to discredit us and call us crazy. Funny that seems to be their tactics with anyone that goes against their plans. Everyone that has ever de transitioned has felt their wrath.

I will post some links that will show you why we are concerned about the puberty blockers, I will also show you the video that started it all, an innocent personal vlog that Lynna and I did talking about blockers, which we did not know would go viral and create all this hate from the community. Another player in our smear campaign is Jenn Burlenton  who made a counter video on our blocker video, since she too is involved with questionable practices using her organization to hand out binders to under age children. Anyone who has felt threatened by what we are saying have attacked us and made false statements about us.  We know who we are and our intentions. We are not crazy, we are not doing this for attention as many claim, we are simply exposing an agenda that is way over due to be exposed. There is big money behind this movement and people need to realize what is going on, and stop closing their eyes to this, all because they want what they want and are not thinking of anyone else but themselves.

The Trans community has been at war with everyone who does not agree with them, to include Hollywood, the feminist movement, TERF, Dr. Blancher, Dr, McHugh, Dr. Zucker, Dr Bradley, just to name a few. Calling everyone transphobe, mysogeny, haters and anything to intimidate.

Dangers of Lupron

Investigation of Lupron and Petition

Guilty Plea From Lupron 

News Report Video on Lupron's Damage 

Our Videos On The Topic

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to fill out the contact information on this blog and we will get back with you as soon as possible. We are not the enemy here, I don't understand why everyone keeps trying to shoot the messenger. We are two souls who fell deeply in love and our eyes opened up on many realities, our mission is to educate and prevent anyone from following this lifestyle that will destroy them and others. You many not agree with what we are saying but you have no right to slander us or try to stop us.

With Love
Maritza/Mark & Lynna/Paul


No more than 20 minutes after publishing this article, I received a FB email from a Hugues Robert Boyenval screen shots as follows:

It turns out he attempted to write a comment on here with a threat as follows:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Truth Can't Be Hidden": 

This is enough.

I am calling Lynna’s ex @ XXX-XXX-XXXX and write her a letter at  (address removed) and tell her the truth about you and Lynna's "real" deal. She needs to know the truth behind Marks abusive behavior and Paul's perverted ways. She will find out about how you guys hang around pedophiles and harass minors online that are trans with sexually explicit comments that are not appropriate. No matter what sick ways you guys have, you two are still adults. This should not be tolerated anymore. This is the sake for those poor kids that have a father that needs serious help.

I screen all comments now since we appear to have so many enemies, lol.