Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Finding Self

I believe as humans, we are always growing and changing, those that do not are in a perpetual state of nothingness. Whenever we believe we are done growing somehow we are saying that we have lost our drive to change and grow.

One of the reasons I denounced being transgender was the confusion and lack of construct in the word and community. Therefore I had to recreate and find my true self. In that search I found that I cannot and will never be placed in any type of box, including a gender box, Why? Because I am more than a couple of words slapped together by someone who thinks they know me. I am bigger than the word transgender, or Cis female, or Trans man. I cannot be explained nor be understood therefore, I am that I am, and forever will be changing and growing.

I hope to help end this fight we see amongst all the different groups and political agendas that divide us all and keep us fighting with one another. If we could just learn to respect and understand each others pain, and go a step further as to support one another, I believe we would solve the many problems we are faced with.

Now I still hold true many of my core beliefs, such as a man can not be a woman, nor can a woman be a man. We can easily express our selves and lead our lives in ways that finds us happiness, but when we create a political fight against others to prove we are something we are not, that is when the danger begins. Let us educate one another, let us understand while using a gentler approach to the matter.

In the mean time, I am still reinventing myself and I am so ever excited for what the future holds. I am a unicorn, I am a hybrid, and what I am cannot be boxed or bottled.

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