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Truth Can't Be Hidden

It has become apparent to us that many in the trans community are not privy to information and are just being led by the medical community and their agenda. This  medical community who at first wanted nothing to do with us, are now seeing dollars signs and preparing the stage for amazing money making opportunities at the cost of our health.  We have done a lot of research regarding the initiative behind this agenda, and what we have found is not pretty. But because of us speaking out about it, we have been made part of a smear campaign, one of which my ex and vindictive trans girl friend is part of.

Lets look at some of the players involved  Errol C Mcinnes the founder of Trans inclusive movement (T-I-M-E).   Errol got involved in our smear campaign when we first started alerting people regarding the dangers of blockers and when we shared some information on my time line regarding Jazz Jennings. Well, he was just starting his little project and since he wanted to start it out with a bang he used our story in attempts to get some attention. Well as luck would have it, Errol is going out with Jocelyn Nichole Nickle who is friends with guess who? My disgruntled ex, yes it gets better. I don't know if any of you are tired about hearing the same story Jessica has been trying to spread about me on line since we broke up? He did the same thing the first time we broke up, but fails to mention his anger, manic depression, and violent nature that lead to these so called confrontations. Mind you, I am five feet four inches, born female, not violent or a fighter in nature. Never had a history of hitting anyone, married to a genetic female Violet Cummings for 10 years and never once had so much as a disagreement.  Jessica is five feet seven inches, a fighter and with skills that I could never posses in fighting. His ex wife and daughter feared him for the many wall holes he create from his usual frustration fiasco.

The altercations we have had in the past were started by his uncontrollable anger, frustration and tantrums, which led to us arguing on several occasions.  I think most know the violent nature of most trans women, so I don't have to really work hard here to paint the picture.  He claims in his cry for attention (watch her video) and to feel more like a "Woman", that I abused "her".  Abuse is when someone hits someone without any reason, self defense against a lunatic who flies off the handle without a warning (induced and fueled by Spiro and Estrogen), is not abuse.  We have had two incidents where he first struck me in the face, at a local gay bar, a place he would love to frequent to get the attention of men, and my glasses flew off my face, when in self defends I struck back, I informed everyone concerned of the altercation that "she" was actually a guy and things were left be. I did not go to jail that night although it happened in a public place, why, because people saw what happened?  She used this event the first time we broke up to black mail me and smear my name, yet 6 weeks later, came running back to "sugar daddy" me. Our last altercation happened in July of 2014 where we got into a disagreement and her usual trying to test his strength on me led to him gripping me by my head and neck where I could hardly breath. In trying to get him off me, his lip was caught by my bracelet which created a small cut. He took pictures of this lame cut and is what he is showing as abuse all over the net. No cops where called either times, so how can that be abuse? Trust me if he could have had me placed behind bars he would have, but he knew darn well that he would be the one behind bars, not I.


After dealing with his lack of interest in life but smoking cigarettes and being on Facebook, while I paid for everything,  I decided to call it quits, and ended the one way relationship while asking him to leave as soon as he could find a place to go. Well, he found someone on line, his next victim (a cross dresser who wanted him to live with his wife and him, in South Carolina)  he drove to meet his new side kick Vicky Love, in California, where they stayed there till they were going to head to the Carolinas. But things did not pan out for Jessica and she wanted to return to me, when I said no, I was dating someone at the time and wanted to see if things worked out between us. Needless to say her revenge began there, then when Lynna and I got together his rage and vindictive nature went up a notch.

You see Jessica is used to this kind of behavior working at a bar prostituting herself (till I got her out of that lifestyle) but because I got tired of being the work horse while he played "homemaker", and he claimed that I had promised to keep "her",  and would confront me by saying that I took his life away and independence instead of thanking me for all that I did.

Things began to change for the worse and our relationship went south and the rest is history. Any ways, I just wanted to clear the air with this, since all of her friends as well as her, keep trying to use this against me, yet, I have nothing to hide. So can we leave that behind already Jess?

Anyway back to Errol, it turns out he continues to create a smear campaign against us claiming that we are working with Nelson Garcia a convicted Pedophile whom we had no idea of his conviction or crime. We actually stumbled upon Nelson due to his tweeting about our videos and how he was trying to capture the attention of other media sources. I reached out and asked him if he was interested in writing an article about us, that simple? Errol and his new contributing writer Intellectual Blonde are spreading lies about us, yet he seems to forget that he himself has a criminal record and is a hacker, yet has the nerve to judge and spread lies.

There are many in the community who don't want us to expose what is going on. First, lets talk about WPATH the organization that is leading the Trans Agenda and their sponsors. Many of you are not aware that this organization is sponsored by lots of pharmaceuticals that are leading the campaign of sterilization on our children.

There are many who are fighting us and trying to shut us up, but guess what we won't. The community which I advocated for in the past, has had my sponsors removed, and are doing everything within their power to discredit us and call us crazy. Funny that seems to be their tactics with anyone that goes against their plans. Everyone that has ever de transitioned has felt their wrath.

I will post some links that will show you why we are concerned about the puberty blockers, I will also show you the video that started it all, an innocent personal vlog that Lynna and I did talking about blockers, which we did not know would go viral and create all this hate from the community. Another player in our smear campaign is Jenn Burlenton  who made a counter video on our blocker video, since she too is involved with questionable practices using her organization to hand out binders to under age children. Anyone who has felt threatened by what we are saying have attacked us and made false statements about us.  We know who we are and our intentions. We are not crazy, we are not doing this for attention as many claim, we are simply exposing an agenda that is way over due to be exposed. There is big money behind this movement and people need to realize what is going on, and stop closing their eyes to this, all because they want what they want and are not thinking of anyone else but themselves.

The Trans community has been at war with everyone who does not agree with them, to include Hollywood, the feminist movement, TERF, Dr. Blancher, Dr, McHugh, Dr. Zucker, Dr Bradley, just to name a few. Calling everyone transphobe, mysogeny, haters and anything to intimidate.

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Guilty Plea From Lupron 

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Our Videos On The Topic

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to fill out the contact information on this blog and we will get back with you as soon as possible. We are not the enemy here, I don't understand why everyone keeps trying to shoot the messenger. We are two souls who fell deeply in love and our eyes opened up on many realities, our mission is to educate and prevent anyone from following this lifestyle that will destroy them and others. You many not agree with what we are saying but you have no right to slander us or try to stop us.

With Love
Maritza/Mark & Lynna/Paul


No more than 20 minutes after publishing this article, I received a FB email from a Hugues Robert Boyenval screen shots as follows:

It turns out he attempted to write a comment on here with a threat as follows:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Truth Can't Be Hidden": 

This is enough.

I am calling Lynna’s ex @ XXX-XXX-XXXX and write her a letter at  (address removed) and tell her the truth about you and Lynna's "real" deal. She needs to know the truth behind Marks abusive behavior and Paul's perverted ways. She will find out about how you guys hang around pedophiles and harass minors online that are trans with sexually explicit comments that are not appropriate. No matter what sick ways you guys have, you two are still adults. This should not be tolerated anymore. This is the sake for those poor kids that have a father that needs serious help.

I screen all comments now since we appear to have so many enemies, lol. 

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