Friday, November 27, 2015

Breaking Down Gender Dysphoria

So what is this condition that all of a sudden has swept our world? Why all of a sudden are our youth, children and middle aged adults claiming to be born in the wrong body? What an interesting concept and illusion. A person who has raised children, lived happily married and showed no signs of femininity is claiming to be a woman? They claim to have felt this way from a very young age, yet no one had a clue? Now I have been called a conspiracy nut for claiming many strange happenings in our world since my awakening back in 2008, I won't get into all my beliefs on this blog entry today, but lets just say I don't believe our history, the stories we have been told about our creator, and that we are just born to then die and be a slave to this system, there has to be more than meets the eye. My beliefs are deep and out of this world, and I believe that this whole Trans agenda has not just happened out of coincidence.

As I wrote on my blog entry yesterday, many men are being de masculinized and are claiming to be the opposite sex, women are wanting to be men and everyone is quite confused. Don't get me wrong, there have been two spirited people through out history and many people have chosen to express themselves freely through out life, but this whole medicalization of gender, has gone way too far.

So what is Gender Dysphoria or should I say Gender Identity Disorder, notice that the movement created the change from a mental issue to more of a biological etiology, wonder why? Lets break down this massive cluster one piece at a time. A person claims to have a different body then that what their brain identifies. That is impossible, brain and body are the same, brains are not gendered but created through our experiences and stimulations. There is no such thing as a male liver or heart, you get the picture. Society has pushed a feminization of men and have really taken away a true right of passage to adult hood and now we have what we clearly see today. You guessed it, a human that is not capable of fending for itself, dependent on the system and unable to think for themselves. Men don't have the actual gusto they had in the past to change or revolt, and women have had to step up to the plate. Now I am not saying anything derogatory here, so please lets not make it into a political fight about men vs women and so on. Its just a simple observation of the facts of life.  I believe men and women are equal or should be, and everything does not rely on gender or roles. Humans have a variety of personality, and the system has created sheep and now are herding them into their pen.

The fear of being rejected for being true to yourself creates falsehood, hence the world we live in, everyone wants to be someone or something else.  All these individuals that pay droves of money to change their face, their genitals and total appearance to be something they are not and never will be are in need of real help; sex is not negotiable or changeable. Why can't they be brave enough to be a man who is feminine and eclectic, instead of claiming to be born in the wrong body and now a female or visa versa. Our world has created neurotic individuals who will do anything to escape reality. How can anyone fear their gender or dislike who they were born as? That is ridiculous and frankly beyond belief.  The truth is we live in a world that loves fair tales, science fiction and magic tricks. Gender Dysphoria is nothing more than an excuse to escape who you are, to follow through with all your body dysmorphia needs and basically disfigure who you once where. Let us not feed into this new fad and craze and let us be true to ourselves, because if we keep this up, force sterilization of our youth will bring an outcome that those on top of the pyramid want, population control.


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