Saturday, January 16, 2016

Self Acceptance

Having self doubts no matter what gender identity or sexual preferences you may have has become the norm of our existence.  No matter where you turn to you are being told that you could do or be better if you looked a certain way or buy this or that product. Plastic surgery has become the solution for the unhappy, and big pharma has a pill that will make you forget all of your problems. We live in a synthetic world, a world that has kicked the natural into the curb. Many are dying with cancer, a disease of an invasion of your soul. Cancer takes no prisoners, every cell of your body is consumed changed and turned against itself. The treatment is no better, radiation and chemo the destruction of the good and the bad in hopes to eradicate itself.  
We want so badly to belong, to be seen like the cool kid, beautiful, radiant, slim, a masterpiece of perfection, after all the boob tube tells you so. No wonder our kids are wanting to be someone else, adults can't deal with their world anymore, prozac and booze becomes the breakfast of champion in most house holds. Religion only sends us into a further spin by condemning our every move and inner feelings. Try to send a positive message to someone and they drag you in their dark world and shoot you without remorse.
I have found that self acceptance is the way to find true happiness, the more we try to fit into the protocol we are told we should be, the more it pushes us away from our center. Life is not easy, it is filled with contradictions, pain inflictions and over all sad undertones. The only one that can change that is you, switch the channel, turn it off, find your center, even if it means you need to find a hole to crawl in and meditate away your lack of outer control. You and only you have the key to your happiness and acceptance. 
I have a long road to travel but I know I am in the right path. Breath and exhale, take one baby step at a time and before you know it you will be there.

Love you all

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